Neptune Retrograde 2021: A Time For Soul Searching

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
neptune retrograde 2021

Neptune has been going retrograde in Pisces since 2012 when the planet of dreams, ideals and illusions entered its watery home sign for its usual lengthy stay. Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025, never to return in this lifetime. The planet takes 164 years to travel through all the sign, spending about 13 years in each one. While we still have a few more Neptune retrogrades to go in Pisces, it’s crunch time. The planet has passed the 20-degree mark and is working its way through the last sector of the sign. This is referred to as the third Deccan and where things get intense. 

When Will Neptune Be in Retrograde in 2021?

On June 25, Neptune stations retrograde at 23 degrees of Pisces. The planet will continue its backward motion until December 1, when Neptune stations direct at 20 degrees of the sign. So Neptune will basically be in retrograde until the very end of 2021. Get used to it! 

Which Planet Rules Pisces?

While Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, Neptune is “the new age one.”  The planet wasn’t discovered until 1846, well after astrology had been practiced for centuries by civilizations all over the world. In the late 1800s, astrologers started to connect Neptune and Pisces, thus a new ruler was born. Neptune is the God of the Sea and Pisces is a water sign, represented by the fish. Pisces is also the ruler of the traditional twelfth house which is as vast and deep as the ocean. They just make sense together. To this day, astrology community is still divided on who is the “true” ruler of Pisces, some accept both. 

This is a significant time because both Jupiter and Neptune are going retrograde in Pisces, and will be meeting up for a conjunction in 2022 when Jupiter eventually catches up. These planets meet up every 12 years (due to Jupiter’s  12-year cycle), but this is the one and only time we’ll experience it in the sign of their co-rulership. There is some big Pisces energy right now, and both Jupiter and Neptune’s retrogrades in 2021 are preparing us for the main event.  

neptune retrograde 2021

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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2021

Neptune’s mission in Pisces is to awaken. To slowly make us aware of deception so we no longer fall prey to it. This can be the ways in which we deceive ourselves and others, or how others and outside influence deceive us. Once illusions and misperceptions fall away we are left with the truth. This truth may not come to complete light until the conjunction, but Neptune retrograde is the perfect time to do some digging within the soul. 

Both Neptune and Pisces are extremely intuitive, creative and spiritual. Connect to what makes your heart happy and you’ll find peace within that space. Neptune retrograde is a great time to go deeper into a spiritual practice, artistic activity or to work on strengthening your intuition. 

With Neptune’s extensive trek through Pisces, it’s no surprise we’ve seen an increase in new age spirituality, which will continue to be strongly influenced by Neptune’s transit through this sign. In the spiritual community the term “shadow work” is thrown around a lot. Shadow work is simply acknowledging the darker sides of ourselves. The emotions we still experience from past traumatic events, or our egos telling us we’re not good enough are examples of “the shadow self.” 

When we bring this side to our consciousness, we can clear it, release it and rid ourselves of it. A clearing out of the metaphysical gunk in a way, we can vibrate higher and hold space for blessings and abundance. Of course, these words mean different things to different people, but the principle is always the same. Acknowledge the negative, find resolution and move on feeling lighter. When planets like Neptune and Pluto are in retrograde, it’s a good time to do shadow work. The retrograde brings on a period of reflection and the energy of these planets can take us deep within ourselves. From that space we are able to tap into and influence the collective consciousness. 

For more on how Neptune’s retrograde might affect your sign, check out your June Horoscope!

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