Jupiter in Pisces 2021: A Brief Cosmic Blessing

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
jupiter in pisces 2021

Jupiter and Saturn had a good run. They hung in Capricorn for a while. They got together and formed their great conjunction, as they simultaneously transitioned into Aquarius side by side. (It doesn’t always happen like that folks.) While their time together brought us the dawn of a new cycle, and some much-needed growth and restructuring, their journey is coming to an end. This month, Jupiter transits Pisces for the first time in 12 years. But what befalls dear old Saturn? A retrograde on May 23, as the planet of structure and responsibilities, drift further back into Aquarius. 

When Does Jupiter Enter Pisces in 2021?

Jupiter is moving onto Pisces on May 13. But in 2021, this is a short-term transit. Jupiter will return to Aquarius once more on July 28, while in retrograde. This planet will say his final goodbye to Aquarius and Saturn on December 28, transiting Pisces for the second time this year. However, Jupiter will remain in Pisces all throughout 2022, where this abundant and benefic planet is exalted.    

Jupiter in Pisces 2021

Jupiter is elated to come home to Pisces where this planet can really shine. Plus, he is relieved to break free from rigid Saturn, having been in Saturn ruled signs for the last two years. While Neptune has become the widely accepted ruler of this water sign, Pisces belonged to Jupiter (along with Sagittarius) long before this outer planet was discovered in 1846. Some astrologers follow the traditional rulership and see Jupiter as this sign’s one and only ruler. Personally, I think of them as co-rulers. Either way you look at it, both of the sign’s rulers are at home—it’s a good time to be a Pisces!

We will all benefit from Jupiteraka The Great Benefic’sstay in Pisces. While this will only be short-term, it is a universal window of opportunity that will set the stage for expansion and good fortune in 2022. Collectively, we’ll feel a bit more free-spirited and find the ability to go with the flow. With Jupiter in Pisces experiencing more joy, abundance and bouts of luck in the day-to-day is to be expected. Over the next two months, rushes of inspiration, increased intuition, a greater awareness and profound understanding are also likely during this transit. Some might even go through a spiritual awakening. 

While Jupiter in Pisces will have us ultra optimistic, remember that his work in Aquarius isn’t over yet. The planet of luck goes retrograde on June 20 and heads back into Aquarius this July. The next two months are a wonderful time to plant the seeds for the upcoming year since Jupiter will bestow many blessings and bring about profound change in this mutable sign. 

What Is a Jupiter Return? 

Jupiter takes 12 years to travel through each zodiac sign as the planet changes signs every year. So every 12 years, we experience what is known as a Jupiter Return. This is when Jupiter returns to the sign it occupies in our natal charts, typically around the ages of 12, 24, 36 and so on. When Jupiter is in our natal sign we often experience growth and expansion, both in a material and spiritual sense. This is usually a time of new opportunities. A chance to really level up when it comes to achieving success. This is also a time where we alter the trajectory of our lives. Especially as our priorities have shifted since the last time Jupiter rolled around. 

People with natal Jupiter in Pisces will be experiencing a glimpse of what is to come in 2022. They will feel Jupiter’s current but brief stay in Pisces on a deep level. Those with Jupiter in Aquarius will be in the final stretch of theirs from late July until the end of the year.         

For more on how these transits will affect your sign, be sure to read your May horoscope! 

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Tgold June 20, 2021 - 6:57 am

What is my lucky days of signing deals am pisces

WillyB October 31, 2021 - 6:42 am

Uh, sorry, but Jupiter has remained within the borders of Capricornus all year. It’s there tonight, just north of the star Delta Capricorni. Please check *real* star charts.

Dr RAM MOHAN POLISETTY December 6, 2021 - 12:02 am

Wonderfully explained thanks a lot


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