The Final Eclipse Season of 2021 + The Lunar Node Transit

by Kaitlyn De Leonardis
lunar eclipse 2021

It’s that time of year again—eclipse season is upon us! This one is extra special (i.e. intense) because it also marks the lunar node transit. We are shifting from the Gemini-Sagittarius to the Taurus-Scorpio series. The eclipses are about to take on a whole different vibe, especially in the coming year when all will occur on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Doors will be simultaneously closing and opening. First, we’ll experience the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19, with a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius to follow on December 4, 2021. 

The Power of the Lunar Node Transit

While you can’t have an eclipse without the Sun, Moon and Earth, the lunar nodes (a.k.a. the North and South Nodes of Destiny) play a crucial role in these cosmic events. The nodes are points in the sky that mark where these three celestial bodies align. In other words, where the eclipses happen! During the final eclipse season of 2021, they are concluding their journey through Gemini and Sagittarius, wrapping up a one-and-a-half-year cycle.   

The last eclipse season where the nodes made the switch was June of 2020 when businesses began to reopen and the lockdowns were lifted across the U.S. That is the power of eclipses on the nodal shifts! The North Node is leading us to our life’s purpose, while the South Node deals with karma and a need to release the past. The nodes won’t officially make the move until December 22, a few weeks after the eclipses take place. During their voyage through Gemini and Sagittarius, we were getting accustomed to a new environment. To do this we had to release some outdated beliefs. These themes may continue until the next eclipse season in the spring of 2022, but we are ultimately heading towards a new horizon from here on out.  

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

lunar eclipse 2021

Lunar Eclipse 2021 l Photo by Mark Tegethoff

While the nodes operate on an axis, they also move backward— forever “in retrograde.” The full moon lunar eclipse will happen at 27 degrees of Taurus on November 19, with the North Node at 1 degree of Gemini. Both signs play an integral part of this astrological event. 

With the North Node in Gemini, we’ve been in search mode, looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. We’ve had strong urges to gather all the information and bookmark every detail. The events in our lives may have shifted our mindsets, and finding a way to integrate this into our day-to-day lives may have been tricky. This lunar eclipse in Taurus is the end of the “research” or “trial” stage. We have all the wisdom and knowledge we need and it’s time we do something with it. Plans may have changed with nodes on the mutable Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Their move into fixed Taurus and Scorpio is a call to action. Set those plans in motion. Going forward, it’s all about tangible results. 

During this eclipse we’ll be letting go of old paradigms, surrounding the ways we interact with our immediate environments and our thoughts. Essentially we’re putting an end to the old way of doing things, so we find new ways that match our values. Around this time we might be cutting something loose, be it a job, relationship, etc. With the Sun sitting directly opposite from the Moon, we are excavating ourselves in preparation for a seed to be planted. The Taurus-Scorpio axis is a fertile one, which will usher in a copious amount of growth during the next one-and-a-half-year cycle. 

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 is the final eclipse of the Gemini-Sagittarius series. As the Sun and Moon join forces in this valiant fire sign, it marks a new beginning, or a fresh start, as all solar eclipses/new moons do. Being a South Node eclipse, there is an extra emphasis on release. By now, both the lunar nodes will be at the critical 0 degrees mark of each sign. We can’t bring our baggage on this new journey. By letting go of the old, we create space for the new to come flooding in. 

Around this time there may be a radical shift in our personal or religious/spiritual beliefs. Some of us may choose to go deeper into acquiring new skills and knowledge, whether that is through formal schooling or on our own merit. Others may be making some big moves, be it through traveling, or actually picking up and moving to a completely different part of the world. Previously missed opportunities might circle back, and this time around, we’ll be in a better position to seize them. There has been a restricted energy with the South Node in Sagittarius and this solar eclipse marks the lifting of those restrictions.  

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Main photo by Zoltan Tasi 

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