Summer Chill: Danzka Vodka Comes to the East Coast

by Donovan Deans

If you have a domestic layover planned on your itinerary through one of America’s primary East Coast flight hubs, your local airport bar might have some new imports worth passing over the martini for. This summer, the U.S. subsidiary of CIL US Wines & Spirits brings the 36 year lineage of exquisite Danish-born danzka vodkaDanzka Vodka. The six-times distilled spirit was first produced in Copenhagen in 1989, and today is owned by Waldemar Behn GmbH.

Key features of this distinct brand: a smooth aromatic Scandinavian- style vodka that is rich in taste with a distinct character of citrus fruit.  It is made using a combination of pure demineralized water, 100 percent whole-wheat grain, continuous six-column distillation, and a triple-filtration system. The aluminum bottle itself is a hallmark of Danish design, and is much more than just its contemporary look. Developed in Denmark nearly 25 years ago, the environmentally-friendly metallic casing is thin, chic and optimal for quickly chilling and maintaining a cool temperature of the liquid. Normally, chilled spirits are undesirable due to subdued flavor notes and consistency, but Danzka has specifically designed their vodka with the intent to sustain its aromatic essence as a smooth, cold shot.

Danzka aims to contend not only with the premium Vodka selection line in style, flavor, but also in value, coming in at $17.99 for 750ml (also available in 1L and 1.75L). CIL US Wines & Spirits will continue to debut their distribution throughout the latter index1seasons of 2016 before further dispersal throughout the country.

Let’s talk selections. Danzka’s brand includes a catalogue of seven distinct drinks, denoted by a color-coded imprint of the bottle’s headline. Among the flavors headed to the U.S. are Danzka Original in red (40% ABV), Danzka Apple in green (40% ABV), Danzka Citrus in yellow (40% ABV), and a personal favorite in their unique blend, Danzka Cranraz in fuchsia (40% ABV). CIL US will continue to expand Danzka distribution across the country throughout the rest of 2016 and early 2017.  Be one of the first to taste this sophisticated vodka at sub-zero.

Below, you’ll find a classy, delicious starter cocktail recipe from CIL US Wines & Spirits to further pique your curiosity:

“Clearly Cosmo” (Serves 5)

-7 oz DANZKA CranRaz Vodka

-2 oz Orange Liqueur

-5 oz White Cranberry Juice

-6 oz Simple Syrup

-4 tbsp Citric acid

-3 1⁄2 oz Water

-15 Cranberries

Instructions: Pour all ingredients into an empty DANZKA bottle. Chill. When ready to serve, shake gently. Pour into glasses. Garnish with fresh cranberries.

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