Vito’s Deli In the Digest Lunchbox

by Donovan Deans

Without a doubt, Italian cuisine is nestled in the fabric of any New York – New Jersey native’s typical experience. Yet, after taking a bite into the delectable prosciutto sub, pausing at the eye-opening zest of every mouthful of antipasto, I knew that this was anything but typical. This is Vito’s Deli, a culinary prowess refined for decades with a commitment to taking the bar higher in preparation, flavor and service. Vito’s is conveniently located at 806 Washington Street in Hoboken, just two city blocks from the Hoboken Pier.

When you’re an urban-born foodie exposed to a daily circulation of cultural foods, particularly the Greek, French, Japanese, Halal, American, and Italian prominently littered amongst most city blocks of the tri-state area, your palette will develop an opaque indifference to the many dime-a-dozen tastes. To be a proprietor in the metropolitan food scene is a fiercely competitive business and with so many options, a name alone is nothing without a taste to turn heads and get people to start asking questions. Vito Buzzerio is a born native of Hoboken, and he decided over a generation ago that he would secure his roots in the community with impeccable italian cuisine disguised in simplicity.

While I’m no Gordon Ramsay, even I could tell that there was a special touch catered to every ingredient in the deli-style sandwiches and rich pasta salads. I’m not alone in this, as the restaurant was featured on the Food Network, particularly taking highlight of the hand-crafted process culminated in the smoked mutz. 

DSC_0103On that note, these are serious sandwiches, with pre-tailored options ranging from two to six foot subs decked to the rafters in fresh-cut meats and mouth-watering cheeses. Besides the winning flavor, the sheer depth of customizability and made-to-order quality assurance is what rounds off this eatery’s appeal. For this week’s Digest Lunchbox, we tried the Italian-style platter, an artfully arranged semi-circle of square-cut catered subs tightly packed with prosciutto di parma, sopressata, reggiano and sharp provolone cheeses, Italian spices and light dressing. Each portion was conveniently sized for on-the-go eating, but hearty enough to quell an appetite befitting a small meal on their own. Also included in our catering was Vito’s Perciatelli pasta, tossed with calamata olives, grape tomatoes, sweet peas, fresh basil, imported extra-virgin olive oil & spices topped with reggiano. Various Italian spices mixed with balsamic vinegar and oil give this a complex sweet and zesty afterthought.

Call in and order any special request within their repertoire, Vito’s deli has got you covered. As a student of the craft, Vito’s humble beginnings was that of a deli clerk who was intent on mastering the trade, leave his mark and take his ethnic cuisine in a direction of progressive quality and integrity. From the Autumn of 1986 until today, they have been going strong and I’m proud to say their standard rises well above the tide and had me asking for directions from the first morsel. You’ve definitely got to treat yourself to a visit on your next commute to the historic downtown or waterfront outing. For catering options and events, please call in* at (201) 792-4944.

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