Top 6 Gift Ideas For Your Cigar Lover Friend

by Allen Brown

Finding the perfect gift for your family and friends can be a lot of work. It becomes easier once you know the hobbies or things they like. At least in doing so, you’ll be able to narrow down the list of good gift items for them. Now, what if your friend is a cigar lover?

The thing about cigar lovers is that they are used to luxury. It can be hard finding the perfect gift for them as there are just so many things that can excite those that love cigars. If you’re fresh out of ideas, then this exciting selection of gifts might just do the trick for your friend.

High-Intensity Lighters

What better way to enjoy a cigar than by lighting it up with a special lighter? While regular lighters do the trick, triple-flame lighters are even better because they can easily ignite the cigar through intense heat. To make things better, these high-intensity lighters can work under various conditions whereas regular lighters struggle to stay on in the strong wind.

Alternatively, you can also get personalized lighters for your friend. If they love cigars so much, they would enjoy it even more when igniting it using a personalized lighter that speaks to their style and personality.

Cigar Humidor

The problem most people have with cigars is that it can be hard to maintain their freshness and quality. One way to prevent the quality from going down is with a humidor. This is basically a storage box for cigars that regulate humidity, thus allowing the cigar to stay fresh.

Humidors can cost somewhere between $150-$400.  This is a good gift to give to a friend that loves cigars because they definitely appreciate things that allow their cigar to stay as fresh as possible. To pick the best humidors you should match both style and functionality.

Luxury Box Of Cigars

You don’t need to think outside the box when gifting your cigar-loving friend. Why not give them a luxury box of cigars instead? If it’s for a special occasion like Christmas or even the birthday of your friend, then splurging on a box set of high-quality cigars shouldn’t be a problem.

One of the best cigar sets money can buy is the My Father Cigars La Promesa. The box comes with tobaccos that have been aged for up to 3-months. Once rolled, the cigars are then aged for at least six months for a more solid flavor. It’s a strong cigar that enthusiasts will love.

Personalized Cigar Cutter

No cigar enthusiast shouldn’t be without a cigar cutter. This is used to cut the cap off of cigars easily. Most cigar lovers already have cigar cutters ready at bay but not all of them have a personalized cigar cutter they can call their own.

Many cigar dealers offer personalized cutters. You can have their name engraved on the cutter but personalization can go above that. You can also pick the color, the material used for the cutter, and even add an insignia that represents your friend.

Great Whiskey

Whiskey and cigars are a match made in heaven. The strong smoky taste of whiskey just works well with the solid flavors of a good cigar. There’s no doubt that your friend probably enjoys smoking cigars while drinking whiskey at the same time.

You can take things up a notch by giving your friend a decanter or glassware set for spirits and alcohol. If they have a specific brand of whiskey in mind, try to give them something else they haven’t tasted so that they get to explore other tastes as well. You can also consider other alcoholic drinks depending on what your friend loves.

Special Ashtray

Cigars can make quite a mess when you smoke them. To make things less messy for your friend, you should get them a high-quality ashtray instead. A good ashtray is durable, functional, and of course, stylish as it’s often displayed on tables for easy access.

Ashtrays made of glass are the most common you can find. If you want something cheaper and more rustic, consider getting ashtrays made out of wood. There are also customized ashtrays too. It’s a good idea to have one customized for your friend for special occasions.

Cigar lovers are very easy to please. There are gift ideas for various budget ranges so you’ll never run out of things to give to your friend. There are a ton of other gift ideas to consider giving your friend but what’s important is knowing what they need and what they want at the time.

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