Wardrobe Essentials: Look and Feel Effortless

by Staff

Wardrobe Essentials: Look and Feel Effortless

By Dorian Cattani


There is a reoccurring theme that happens with my female clients every season: they want to look and feel effortless in their clothes. But unfortunately, for different reasons, this can’t be achieved.

There’s a lot of inspiration out there, whether in magazines or online, but how does one decide which looks are right for them? Yes, taking inspiration from bloggers or favorite designers can help show someone how to put outfits together, but how do they create their own look amongst these styles? Creating a unique look and effortless style is their main goal and mine.

Wardrobe Essentials: Look and Feel Effortless


Not everyone has an eye for fashion (or the time to sift through dozens of racks) so with that being said, putting a plan in place needs to be the first step. To begin, you need to start with the right foundation: owning the perfect fitting basic tops and pants, and having seasonal wardrobe essentials, which I’ve created here in a Pinterest board: Wardrobe Essentials.

Next, invite a friend over, and have him or her hold up a bunch of colors to your face. This should happen with your own clothes from your closet while you’re facing the mirror. You will see your face change pigments and what colors really make you look the best.

Now you are ready to start buying items that make your eyes light up. A good rule of thumb is not to fall for what’s trending. We are all guilty of falling in love with certain trends, but one should take into consideration their age, work environment, evening attire, and of course, things you love (keeping a budget in mind, can’t hurt either). And remember, shopping at stores that have a great return policy are best!

Having a solid foundation, choosing colors that work best for you and being smart with future purchases you will start creating an effortless wardrobe that you will love to wear.

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