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Today, to be a successful blogger, you need to be able to attract your readers. If earlier bloggers won their subscribers by the number of posts per day, today, in order not to lose their audience, it is necessary to create high-quality and fascinating content.

First of all, your blog serves as a way of entertainment, and only then it affects the informative function. Any information must be displayed interestingly. If you constantly post on the same boring topic, then you risk losing your subscribers. Now, it is important to be able to involve users in the process and show that the opinion of your subscribers is important to you. Through posts, you create a semblance of intimacy with your followers.

Today we’re going to share tools that you can use to engage your readers and build their trust.

What is entertaining and engaging content

Today, bloggers are focused on the task of communicating with their subscribers. For your blog to succeed, you need active followers, not dead souls who will occasionally view your posts. This is a special challenge for you as an author and marketer.

Since your blog is not only a cure for boredom, but also a way to earn money, and for some, the main place of work, you are probably making money from advertising.

For advertisers to be interested in you as an influencer, your blog needs to have a wide audience and great media outreach.

It is unlikely that any of your readers will read the ad post just for the sake of interest. It is important to be able to play up advertising and present it in an interesting light. For example, you need to advertise convertible car rental Dubai, but dry ads will not bring you success. It is necessary to share your experience and involve the audience in the process by making contact. As an example, you can talk about your experience or some interesting incident on the road, and also ask your followers to share their unforgettable adventures with you. Your audience will instantly get energized. Thus, you will achieve the goal – your subscribers will like your posts, leave comments and save your posts.

There are various means in marketing strategies to achieve this goal. The engagement process is the easiest and most beneficial for every blogger.

Engagement methods

Using open-ended questions and conducting surveys

The simplest and most obvious way to get involved is with an open-ended question. This is a great way to understand and learn new information about your target audience, and it also allows you to find new topics to cover in your next posts. You can either ask open-ended questions or suggest answers to questions to conduct the statistics you need.

Game content creation

What could be more interesting than being passionate about the game mode? For example, you can run a quiz or develop a quest for your subscribers. The topic can be directly related to your blog profile, but you shouldn’t come up with something complicated. Such posts should be easy to understand, because no one wants to rack their brains, solving riddles you have invented. To achieve the goal, subscribers can attract their friends or loved ones, which will positively affect your work.

Tag friends

Comic posts where you call to action are great ways for engagement. For example, you can tell a funny or ridiculous story about your friend and ask your followers to tag their friends with whom a funny and extraordinary situation happened. This will help attract new readers.

Create posts and contests for your readers

Plan a contest where the smartest subscribers can win a prize. Come up with a topic and hashtag by which you will find unique posts on a given topic. This approach will energize your followers. Based on the results, you can publish the most interesting works on your blog. In turn, this method will help you create an interesting discussion with your audience.

Discussion of the trending events

Every day, massively discussed topics and trends appear on the Internet. Discussing a high-profile event is a great way to get involved. For example, you might start a discussion about the Squid Game, which has taken over all social media. High-profile events will entail numerous responses and interest from your readers.


In order to be able to engage your subscribers, you need to understand your target audience and their interests. After that, you can easily use the presented methods of engagement, based on the latest trends and high-profile events.

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