5 Online Casino Bonuses You’ll Find at Sweepstake Casinos

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Who doesn’t love a welcome bonus? Anything where it feels like you’re getting something for free is something you can’t beat. And that’s pretty much how sweepstake casinos work – you’re not technically playing with real money. And what makes it even better is you can enjoy the same bonuses as at standard casinos.

Below, we’ll look at five types of online casino bonuses in sweepstakes casinos and how best to use them.

Welcome Bonuses

A popular type of bonus common in most sweepstake casinos is the welcome bonus offered during registration. The facility is designed as a way for the company to welcome its new customers with open arms – and customers will gladly accept. Ordinarily, these rewards consist of combined free virtual coins and sweepstakes entries, which help you get a head start on your gambling journey.

For example, if you sign up and purchase something worth real money as soon as possible after signing up, you could receive 10,000 virtual coins plus 100 other sweepstakes entries from one particular sweepstakes casino. That’s only an example of one that exists – the possibilities are endless. 

This generous boost allows you to try out different games or get used to playing on the platform without having to start spending immediately. To maximise your wins from this bonus, you must read through all the terms and conditions so you know how best to utilise your free coins with your entries.

Daily Login Bonuses

Sweepstakes casinos even reward players for logging into their accounts daily through small amounts of virtual coins or extra tickets to draws known as daily login bonuses – logging in is easier than ever now most websites remember our details. You might not even need to click anything to get a bonus. Rewards usually become better with each day logged consecutively.

It may start by giving you 500 virtual coins for day one, then gradually increase until the seventh day, when you might be awarded slightly over 2,000 virtual coins. Again, that’s only one example – there are many others. These bonuses enhance continuous play at the casino by players like yourself who would be interested in these offers.

It’s these types of bonuses that you can discover by reading reviews. For instance, the McLuck casino reviews here details exactly this: daily login rewards available, and how they work. McLuck offers 1500 GC with each login every 24 hours. SC is also randomly rewarded with logins, too. It’s a variable experience that helps top-up bankrolls.

To make the most of your daily login bonuses, you should have a routine that reminds you to log in even if you will not be playing immediately to accumulate more rewards. Setting an alarm is enough!

Referral Bonuses

Do your friends love playing online games with you? Referral bonuses are some of the promotions sweepstakes casinos issue. That’s where both parties receive extra goodies if one of them sends an invitation and the other accepts it by signing up. The rewards could be free coins, sweepstakes entries alone, or mixed.

A normal referral bonus may give you 5,000 virtual coins and 50 extra sweepstakes entries after your friend makes the initial deposit. By doing this, besides winning without spending additional money on gambling activities, you will also create a community of other players like yourself who enjoy such genres. Again…we repeat…that’s only one example.

If you want to maximise profits from referral bonuses, tweet your link or share it with gaming groups, hoping for more sign-ups.

Purchase Bonuses

Rewarding gamers with additional value when they buy virtual coins is what purchase bonuses are all about at sweepstakes casinos. These supplements usually come in the form of extra coins or sweeps attached to any purchase that players might have made, whether small or big. For example, if you buy 100k virtual coins, the facility may add 20k coins plus 200 sweeps in return for this transaction.

These bonuses have different amounts and frequencies, and some gaming sites might also come up with special promotions during holidays or for a short time.

Social Media and Email Bonuses

Keeping in touch with your favourite sweepstakes casino through emails and social media sites can give you unexpected results. Many casinos develop various campaigns for their followers on social media platforms or email-based ones offering exclusive bonuses. They range from small-quantity virtual coins to rare sweepstakes entries not allowed in regular gameplay.

For example, one casino might advertise a Facebook contest where you like and share their post to be entered into a draw for $10,000 in virtual coins. That’s pretty common. Alternatively, subscribing to another casino’s newsletter would give you 500 sweepstakes entries on your birthday. To use these bonuses optimally, simply follow your online casino on different social media platforms and subscribe to their email updates.

Sweepstake casinos have massive numbers of freebies to improve players’ experiences and increase their odds of winning even without using additional dollars. Making maximum utilisation of these rewards, however, requires a good understanding of how they work. But don’t worry – we probably made it sound more complex than it is with that sentence. Just read the terms and conditions and you’ll be fine!

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