5 Things Students Should Do to Improve Memory

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Things Students Should Do to Improve Memory

Memory isn’t something you are born with. Many think that some people have a better memory than others because they can easily remember dates, numbers, or information. The truth is, memory is a learning process. By using some creative techniques, you can train your brain to retain information faster and easier, and even for a longer period of time.

Many factors can also contribute to the loss of memory. The lives of students are busy and tiring, which is why they frequently lose focus and find it hard to memorize things. When you are in college, there are tons of things you have to do in a very short timeframe. Education demands that you write an essay every now and then, attend classes, study for exams, etc. All of this can make you unfocused, tired, and therefore, unable to keep things inside your brain.

When this happens, you need to test new ways to cement things into your memory, whether it is long-term or short-term. That being said, here are 5 useful strategies for improving your memory.

Make the Right Lifestyle Choices

Very often, your lack of memory is a result of an unhealthy way of living. The brain needs its rest and the body needs proper nutrition to function at its best. If you keep punching your body with unhealthy habits, this will inevitably reduce your focus and memory levels.

Whether it is because of peer pressure, stress, or simply curiosity, students often opt for bad lifestyle choices like smoking, consuming alcohol, or unhealthy eating. Such habits lead to high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, as well as unfit figure, lack of energy, and reduced memory. If you don’t have time to focus on your well-being, make some. Figure out a way to find some time to cook yourself a healthy meal, get proper sleep, and exercise regularly.

Learn More about Memories by Reading Free Essay Examples

To speed up the time needed to write an essay, get some help from professionals or source some inspiration from quality free essay examples. At Samplius, students can find well-written memory essays and exceptional academic writings on things like memories, education, and other general topics.

This should inspire you to craft your own assignments and teach you more about the ways to boost your memory. Studying will become easier, writing tasks will take less time, and you’ll have more room on your schedule for social life.


Learn to Organize Your Time

Proper organization can change everything in a busy person’s life. Researchers frequently find links between memory and organization. It is obvious – if you have a time set for everything in your day or week, you’ll get more motivation to study, enough time to finish your tasks, and ergo – less pressure. This is bound to make you more focused on your studies.

Organize both your time and your assignments. Try grouping similar terms and concepts, make outlines when you write and study, and most importantly – avoid cramming studying materials at any cost.

Try Memory Enhancement Techniques

In addition to living a healthier life, boosting your memory can also become more possible with the right techniques. There are certain things that are known to help the study process and allow people to retain more information faster and longer. These include:

  • Mnemonic devices – ways to retain information such as using vowels to memorize numbers
  • Memory Palace technique for learning poetry
  • Elaborative rehearsal – study the definitions of new terms by reading descriptions before you try to memorize them.
  • Visualization – many students study more effectively when they visualize the things they are learning.
  • Reading out loud.
  • Breaking information into small bits such as paragraphs, chapters, etc. Vary Your Study Routines

When you are doing something too often and for too long, you get accustomed to it. Studying at the same time every day, at the same location, or with the same people can become a habit, something dull that your brain is no longer interested in doing.

If you find yourself unmotivated and unfocused, try changing things a bit. Move to a different spot to study. Find a new study group. Try different times in the day to focus on your assignments.


Memory isn’t something that comes naturally to students. You need to nurture it and work on it. If you try to build the right habits, you’ll realize that this will make everything easier in your education and your future.

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Michael Turner is a psychologist who has spent the last decade assisting young people and students in organizing their lives. He’s written several guides and books on the subject. He is a Bachelor of Psychology and has a Master’s in Experimental Psychology.

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