5 Tips to Choose the Right Dress for Your Body Type

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Fashion is not all about wearing the latest trendy outfit but choosing the best clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful regardless of shape. Selecting the most flattering fit in a dress begins with recognizing your body form. Style, in particular, is about bringing out the best qualities of your body, not just wearing the latest fashions.

As a matter of fact, women’s dresses can be your best friend. But sometimes you tend to be quite harsh on yourself when your clothes do not fit you perfectly. After determining your shape, the following step is to match your body type to the ideal dress, style, and cut. Below are some tips to match your style according to your shape.

1. Pear Body Shape

Girls with triangle body shapes frequently have smaller upper torsos and wider hips and thighs. Choose clothing that gives your top half more volume if you have a triangular body shape so that you look more proportionate and balanced. Recommended dresses are:

  • Strapless top
  • Fitted open neck
  • V-neckline
  • A-line or full skirt

2. Hourglass Body Shape

Curvy hourglass shapes have proportional hips and busts. This body type is characterized by an upper-body “balanced” with leg length. Waists on hourglass bodies are very clearly defined, so play up this feature! Find dresses that have:

  • V-necklines
  • Open necklines
  • Cinched-in waistlines
  • Form-fitting tops

3. Apple Body Shape

If you have an apple body type, typically, you have a shorter, less defined waist and slender legs and carry your weight in the middle. Any attire that draws attention to your upper body is a great option. Empire waist dresses meet this standard, including drop waist dresses, swing dresses, embellished top dresses, and belted dresses.

Aside from that, dresses with full skirts, a-lines, and wraps are also excellent choices because they help cover the tummy. Legs are an important feature of apple body types, so feel free to show them off in shorter dresses.

4. Athletic Body Shape

A-lines and smaller waistlines look great on almost everyone. The best dresses for you are:

  • Embellishment
  • Ruffles
  • Any other volume-increasing details

5. The Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Since your hips and waist are narrower than your chest and shoulders, save the top half of your body’s detailing. Aside from that, it is advised that you keep your silhouette simple to generate symmetry and highlight your lower body.

The best option for a body with an inverted triangle form includes the following:

  • A-line gowns
  • Fit-and-flare attire
  • Color-blocked clothing

How to Know Your Body Type?

The female body has many different sizes and shapes and is all beautiful. But being able to recognize your body shape is the first step. Five categories describe most women include pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, apple-shaped, athletic body shape, and inverted triangle body shape.

1. You Have A Pear Body Shape If…

Your lower body makes up the entire pear body shape. On top of that, your thighs and butt appear larger than your upper body. Make room for that foundation. This form is all the rage, thanks to Kim Kardashian and others. You are lucky if you were born with this figure or if you worked out to get it.

2. You have An Hourglass Body Shape If…

Curvy is a common adjective to describe the hourglass body type. Those with this body type frequently have about equal hip and bust measurements. Frequently, with this body type, you have rounded bottoms and fuller hips, thighs, and busts.

On top of that, you have a balanced figure and are symmetrical. For example, your legs and torso are roughly the same lengths. Individuals including JLo, Christina Hendricks, and Beyonce are a few celebrities with this body type!

3. You Have An Apple Body Shape If…

The apple body type is typically well-balanced. With this body type, you tend to be slimmer or simply less curvy through to your hips and will have larger breasts and fuller bellies, and tend to be more so. Additionally, you frequently carry your weight in your upper or middle halves. Celebs with apple body types include Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, and Angelina Jolie.

4. You Have An Athletic Body Shape If…

Equal bust and hip measures are typically used to define the athletic body type, commonly called the square or rectangle shape. If you have an athletic body shape, your waist is not as distinct as those with an hourglass shape while having a roughly similar bust and hip size.

On top of that, your body tends to be more evenly weighed due to your flatter bottoms. Take note that taller and slimmer people typically have athletic body types. Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Eva Longoria are a few celebrities with this body type.

5. You Have An Inverted Triangle Body Shape If…

The body form that looks the most athletic is the inverted triangle. With this body type, your hips are substantially narrower than your shoulders. So focus on enhancing your shoulders and arms as much as feasible.

It Is Your Shape, Flaunt It!

Undoubtedly, everyone is unique, and it is alright if you are not one of these forms. As a matter of fact, using these clothing suggestions only serves as a jumping-off matter to discover the fundamentals. Remember, most women combine several traits. All you have to do is mix and match things until you find what works best for you.

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