7 Tips for Building Shoe Collections

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Collecting sneakers has been a popular pastime for decades but has recently seen a huge comeback and refocus. Some people love it for the chase and the hunt. Others because it can be a profitable side-hustle. And some are just obsessed with having the best shoes for every outfit and occasion.

Whatever the reason, building shoe collections that are meaningful and worth it takes a little bit of effort. Simply buying every sneaker you see won’t cut it in these types of collections.

Knowing where to start and what strategies to implement can be difficult (and expensive!) Luckily, we have the inside scoop and the best approach. This guide will help you develop the best plan for curating a sneaker collection everyone will envy!

  1. Figure Out What You Like 

First things first, you have to narrow down what types of sneakers your collection is going to entail. There are so many options and styles of sneakers available you could easily spend your entire day buying all different types.

This is a bad idea not only because you’ll waste your money, but also because your collection will feel disjointed and frantic.

A curated collection has some similar thread throughout all of the pieces. This doesn’t mean they have to be the exact same style, brand, or color scheme. But they should be connected in some way and feel personal to you. Take time to look at all the different types of sneakers and figure out what stands out most to you and focus on that element as you build your collection.

  1. Be Picky and Specific 

Once you’ve figured out what you like and where you’d like to focus your energy, it’s time to be as picky as possible. The best collections feel like they have been hand-picked and brought together very carefully.

Buying shoes for your collection should feel like you’re making a very careful decision.

While we can sometimes get sucked into an impulse buy or be drawn to something a little different, try to avoid making those regular occurrences. This will help you reserve funds for special pieces that will enhance your overall collection.

  1. Think About Variety 

While you want your collection to feel cohesive and reflect your personal style, you also don’t want every shoe to look the same. It’s a fine line to walk as you’re building.

An easy way to increase the variety in your collection is to look outside of the current trends and find a more retro option. Sneakers like Blazer high options feel like a throwback to previous trends but are still current. These are the best kind of additions to your collection.

These types of shoes stand out among the others but will also make sense in the overall scheme of your collection.

  1. Check Regularly 

One thing about buying shoes for a sneaker collection is that you have to be very diligent and consistent in your searches. Casually looking when you get the chance usually doesn’t result in the best picks or the most curated collection.

The best sneaker collectors have a regular routine of checking their favorite sites, which allows them to see all the options and jump on any deals they want. They don’t have to worry about missing anything spectacular because they’re always keyed into what is going on.

This is an especially important strategy if you’re looking to buy budget sneakers and stay within a certain price limit while building your collection.

  1. Try a Trade Deal 

There’s no secret that building a sneaker collection can be a pricy endeavor. It’s easy to get sucked into the excitement and hype of finding the best pairs, even if they are out of your set budget.

In order to be able to continue to build your collection but not spend all of your savings, consider looking for trade options.

Trading sneakers with another collector is a great way to benefit from sneakers you no longer want and get new pairs that fit your style better. You may be able to negotiate and get a killer deal through this type of transaction as well.

  1. Find Many Sources 

In general, having one source isn’t enough to build any type of collection. This is especially true for a sneaker collection that’s unique and specific to your tastes and styles.

Every source can only stock so many types of shoes and may not have the fashionable shoe options you need to add. But when you diversify where you get your shoes from, you will always have a better selection. Some sources may even surprise you with the types of shoes they offer.

Keeping your options open is key to finding a wide variety for your collection.

  1. Take Your Time 

The most important tip for building a killer sneaker collection is taking your time. If you try to rush your choices and purchases, you’ll end up with a quantity of quality situation. More pairs doesn’t equal a great sneaker collection.

There’s no rush in researching and figuring out what the next addition should be. This kind of careful consideration makes all the difference in the overall effect of your sneaker collection.

But it’s also important to be prepared to jump when you find just the right addition. There’s nothing more disappointing than missing out on a great pair of sneakers because you were indecisive!

Start Building the Best Shoe Collections 

Creating shoe collections is more than just obtaining as many pairs of shoes as you can. It’s about curating a sampling that has a wide range and represents your personal style well. These collections take a lot of work to get right and be worth the effort to gather.

Having a solid game plan in place before you start making your purchases can save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Following the tips we shared will make all the difference in helping you create the best sneaker collection you can!

If you’re interested in learning more about personal style and other popular trends, check out our other articles today!

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