8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Salary

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In a perfect world, people must get reasonable compensation for their work accomplishments. But in reality, you end up learning that your colleague earns much more than you for the same job. Or you constantly bring a massive profit to the company, but the salary stays on the same level for years. How to avoid this injustice and start earning a competitive salary? These tips from recruiters and business coaches will help you out.

  1. Learn your rights as an employee

Every job seeker tries to charm recruiters and managers during the job application. They want to show that money is not our only motivation. We pay the most of our attention to our CV and ask for the best cv writing service to craft a winning resume. If you want to pick up the right one service you can look for it at topresume resume review. Still, we forget to ask critical questions about the company’s policy during the interview.


How often does the company do salary review for its workers? What are the prospects for your career growth on this project? Could you get bonuses for excellent performance or overwork? Put these questions to your future boss during the interview, and count your chances. Your future employer should guarantee regular salary reviews.


2. Show your value to the company.

Before asking your manager to increase your salary, think about what you could bring to the table. It is essential to convince management that you deserve to claim your raise. Make a report of your achievements and show how much profit you have drowned for the company.


If your performance isn’t confirmed with satisfactory results, you can’t count on raise. It is critical to make your manager think that you’re an irreplaceable specialist and show devotion to the project. Voice your achievements, and the reward won’t keep you waiting!


3. Take more responsibilities in your current position.

Managers value workers that are eager to bring more profit to the project. If you want to ask for a raise, you have to show that you’re ready to face new challenges. More responsibility means that you’ll need to deal with problems you have never encountered before. And the way you handle these issues tells your boss whether you’re worthy of getting a raise or not. If any force majeure happens, be the first person who seeks a solution.


4. Pitch a new project


Scaling any business is impossible without new projects. Stakeholders of the company always seek new ways for successful money-investing. Profit from a new company’s project can significantly exceed the company’s budget. So, if you have some business ideas, don’t hesitate and pitch them to your boss!


To do it successfully, prepare a business plan and include revenue prospects. Even if your idea isn’t brought to life, your team lead will see that you have the potential to become an entrepreneur. You will stand out among other colleagues. In case of a successful pitch meeting, you will get a promotion in a blink of an eye!


5. Master new skills

Our job tasks help us grow as professionals, but sometimes it is not enough to face challenges. And you’ll hardly succeed in the new tasks without the necessary skills.

Acquiring new skills in your field will make you a better specialist. It can raise your chances of a positive result in your salary review.


Many companies encourage their workers to attend courses and even sponsor them. There are also plenty of opportunities to get new knowledge online and free of charge. Look for some lessons on Coursera, Udemy, and Lynda. A good manager won’t hesitate to give his or her employee a raise if a skilled worker demands it.

6. Get a bonus at your current job.

A bonus system is an excellent way for employers to motivate their workers. There are many cases when bonuses exceed the standard wage of a person. One can get a bonus from a direct performance of a project. Others can profit from corporate culture opportunities. For example, many HR departments offer rewards for referring a worthy candidate. It’s a win-win scheme for both recruiters and employees. And, you can increase your salary by helping your friend get a job.


7. Be on good terms with your colleagues and your boss.

First, you work for your image, and then your image works for you. Paying the most attention to the hard skills, every employee must not neglect the development of the soft skills too. Being friendly, dealing with stress, and having emotional intelligence is a must for every worker. You can do your job perfectly, but if you don’t fit the team, you can wait for ages until you get a raise.


If you’re not communicating with your boss directly, he or she can gather reviews from all team members. It’s essential to get positive comments from your colleagues. This is a sign that your interpersonal skills are at a high level, and your manager will accept your salary increment request favorably.


8. Don’t get personal.

People want to earn money for several reasons. One needs to pay a fortune for one’s kid’s college, and others need to pay off the mortgage for their home. The truth is, your boss doesn’t care about your needs. Begging for a promotion is a failing strategy. The only thing you’ll achieve is looking miserable and pathetic in the eyes of your manager.


Excellent performance at work is all that matters. When you have a salary review meeting, avoid demanding a raise because your expenses have grown. Instead, show how you have grown as a specialist and prove why your results must be rewarded. Business people are not vulnerable to the emotional manipulations of their employees.


The bottom line

Overall, there are plenty of ways to increase your monthly income. If you are ready to take more responsibility, be proactive and constantly develop both hard and soft skills, you have all rights to claim promotion. Present your accomplishments to your boss, show your input to the business, and the reward won’t keep you waiting.

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