Be Persuasive! 4 Tips on How Students Can Write an Effective Argumentative Essay

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Being able to provide solid arguments when disputing over controversial matters is an inherent element of proving your point of view. And especially critical this capability is in writing argumentative essays, where you are expected to back up your opinion with plausible proof and demonstrate your competence and knowledgeability in the matters you’re arguing. Developing a compelling argumentative piece is a pretty challenging venture, which may prompt students to request Google, “how to hire an essay writer for any paper type,” instead of tackling this allegedly intricate process by themselves.

But, in reality, the complexity of writing argumentative essays is greatly overestimated. Generating this type of academic writing can be surprisingly seamless and troubleless providing students adhere to some proven and effective tips we are going to provide in this super-guide!

1. Be Clear From the Beginning

Stating your argument right in the beginning of your piece is the most important aspect of writing an essay. You should place primary emphasis on letting the reader know what your main point is, preventing any ambiguity, obscurity, or vagueness in your writing. In the opening paragraph, you have to include a strong and persuasive thesis statement that represents your main point and should be corroborated throughout your writing. 

2. Follow the Proper Structure

Organizing your piece into coherent and logical writing is another cornerstone of a successful essay. Structuring your argumentative essay means developing it based on the sequence of its key parts. First of all, as was mentioned earlier, your piece needs to begin with a thesis statement featuring the main idea you’re arguing. Then, you should provide solid evidence and facts that will mirror your main point and support it, including evidence-based supporting points, counter-arguments, and other material to demonstrate the correctness and relevance of your argument. 

3. Pick the Topic You Are Into

If you develop an essay on the topic you’re passionate about, it will double your chances of creating a powerful piece. Make sure to choose a topic from the area of your interest and get down to making your way toward arguing it! Dealing with the matter that attracts you, you’ll be able to provide much more information relevant to the main point of your essay than if you were writing on the topic that sparks little interest in you.

4. Know Your Audience

You don’t just write an argumentative essay for your supervisor to evaluate it. This piece of writing is targeted at a much broader audience that may include people of certain beliefs and views. In this regard, being aware of who you write for, namely the main characteristics of your audience, will aid you in choosing the tone of voice of your essay as well as the way of presenting your argument. 

5. Do Substantial Research

In order to provide solid evidence to your thesis statement, you need to be proficient in the topic. For this reason, you have to conduct extensive research helping you get the information on your subject and apply it properly. Without consulting reputable resourcing, you won’t be able to include valid facts in your essay and fail to make it compelling and persuasive.

In a Nutshell

The tips and tricks we covered in this article are the fundamental and core principles of generating an impressive argumentative essay. By sticking to these essentials, you will manage to write a strong and eloquent piece of writing that will represent your position, along with the arguments you provide, in the most comprehensive and persuasive way.

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