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As you know, the first obvious wrinkles appear on the face around the age of 30. Visiting a cosmetologist helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, but daily proper care for it will become a constant companion of your beauty. In our opinion, the optimal choice is Vita Long — the best face oil for aging skin, which makes age-related changes truly invisible. How to keep your skin healthy, young and radiant — we will look into this article. 

Features of using care cosmetics for dry and fading skin

It is well known that it is impossible to apply oil in its pure form to the skin. That is why we often pass by the description of the healing properties of cosmetic oil and start looking for a suitable cream. There is a particle of truth here — you do not need to select skin oil yourself, because this is fraught with problems in the form of irritation, the appearance of greasy plaque. 


However, there are specially developed anti aging oil products, which consist of carefully selected medicinal ingredients and additional components for absorption, softening, and getting rid of oily plaque on the face. Dry skin fades faster — this is a well-known fact. Therefore, you need to use proven tools like Vita Long, which are recommended by doctors and experts. 


What functions does anti aging face oil perform:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Penetrates deeply into the upper layers of the skin.
  • Increases elasticity. 
  • Relieves swelling.
  • Smoothes out shallow wrinkles.
  • Creates a protective barrier.
  • It works as an antioxidant.

That is, it is important to choose the right oil-based facial product that will fulfill all the above points. With the help of Vita Long products, you will get rid of dry skin on your face, you will be happy to observe the departure of dullness and see the appearance of radiance. But what is the secret of such unique cosmetics based on cosmetic oils? Let’s study the main components of the Vita Long composition and make sure once again that this is the best face oil for aging skin!

Facial oil for dry skin Vita Long: what is in the composition and how does it work?

The composition of this product is really impressive — it contains a set of healing organic oils and other components that have a beneficial and long-lasting effect on the skin of the face. With daily use, you will definitely get rid of dryness and stop the rate of wilting. By the way, if you carefully study each component of Vita Long, it will become clear that the composition of the product is completely harmless, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. But we will still focus on the key components of this product – oils. 

Olive squalane is a panacea for dryness and wrinkles

Here it is worth taking a little break from the topic of describing miraculous olives and considering squalene, a natural component of human skin. This substance is present in the human body, and it has nothing to do with olive oil. Squalene is produced by our sebaceous glands until the age of 25. As we get older, the body no longer produces this substance. It would seem, why not add it to the cream to give the skin a natural nutrition?


Unfortunately, squalene is chemically unstable, so it is impractical to use it in cosmetology. Olive oil comes to the rescue, or rather, olive processing products. So, squalane, which is part of Vita Long. It belongs to the category of the best emollients, penetrates deep into the epidermis, does not leave a greasy film and improves skin moisture. Olive squalane helps the rest of the anti-aging face oil components to absorb well, and smoothes fine wrinkles.

Borago is the life force of Ancient Greece


Borago is an herb that was considered legendary and healing back in Ancient Greece. The Greek warriors believed that borago has a strong vital energy that is transmitted to humans. The knights took her on hikes, brewed special borago tea before important battles. Later, the Greek beauties began to wash themselves with borago broth to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and a bright complexion. 


Today borago is a part of anti aging face oil and performs useful functions:

  • It saturates the skin with vitamins and trace elements.
  • Increases elasticity.
  • Relieves excessive dryness.
  • Stabilizes the protection of the skin from wind, dust, and harmful substances from the atmosphere.
  • Improves the complexion.


As you can see, the simple herb in facial oil for dry skin can work wonders and keep your skin glowing at almost any age. It is worth noting that a decoction of borago in its pure form will not bring the desired rejuvenation effect. This herb is relevant as part of a complex of oils that successfully complement its properties. 

Wakame Algae: collagen synthesis and more 

The ocean is the whole universe in which life originates. Plants of the oceans and salty reservoirs have long been considered medicinal, which is especially often mentioned in the context of algae. Wakame is a unique plant that is beneficial for the whole body. By the way, these algae can be eaten, and they often top the ratings of exquisite gastronomic masterpieces. 


The benefits of Wakame for the face are obvious — algae help to retain moisture, saturate the skin with a huge amount of trace elements. This type of algae is considered a powerful antioxidant and a stimulator of collagen production. Agree, it’s wonderful when your body starts to get rid of wrinkles on its own. In addition, algae improves the color and condition of the skin — removes pigmentation, protects against photoaging. 

The legendary evening primrose 

Primrose seed oil is part of Vita Long, and has a beneficial effect on fading and dry skin. Primrose is a beautiful little flower that was revered by the ancient Maya and Incas. They believed that a small plant could stop bleeding, so the decoction was used to apply to wounds, and women in labor were given to drink.  


Today, the best face oil for aging skin must contain primrose in the composition. Medical research has revealed the global benefits of this plant’s seed oil for human skin. 

The composition of primrose seed oil:

  • A lot of fatty acids — linoleic, palmitic, stearic and others.
  • A complex of minerals that a person needs.
  • Carotene and flavonoids.
  • Vitamins C, E, B.

By the way, evening primrose is found in various legends, and it is in the context of benefits. For example, the ancient Celts listened to pale yellow flowers, hoping to hear a miniature fairy singing from them. And in the Scandinavian sagas, the primrose was associated with the keys of the goddess Freya, with which she opens spring. 

Wild carrot seeds — moisture and energy saturation 

Wild carrots have been found in nature for many centuries, and in ancient times their seeds were considered medicinal. They were boiled, made oil, and eaten. Wild carrot seeds were given to children to protect them from diseases, and oil was used to thicken their hair. Now this ingredient is used in cosmetology to get rid of dry skin, and it is suitable for the body and face. 

Regular use of cosmetics containing wild carrot seed oil will definitely improve the complexion, make it healthy and even. Age spots and freckles will become much lighter or almost completely disappear. This oil helps to actively combat dryness and peeling of the skin, stimulating the production of sebum. Therefore, it is recommended that people with oily skin type use this product carefully. And for dry and fading skin, this oil is ideal. 

The rest of the useful components in the Vita Long

In addition to organic oils, there are other useful components in the composition of such a unique product:

  • Teprenone is an anti—aging epigenetic agent. 
  • Coenzyme Q10 — normalization of moisture, saturation of cells with oxygen.
  • Other vegetable oils.

Absolutely all components are designed to combat premature external aging, which, as you know, comes to owners of dry skin before anyone else. The complex of oils and medicinal components is designed for long-term exposure and long-lasting positive effect. 

Trust Vita Long!

It is recommended to use this product daily. Only then will you see the desired effect and be pleasantly surprised by the condition of your skin. It will really be updated — fine wrinkles, puffiness, dull complexion will disappear. This is the best face oil for aging skin!

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