Birthday Presents for Someone Who Has it All

by Staff

We all have that friend – the one who instinctively purchases whatever it is they want without giving anyone else a chance. Money doesn’t seem to be an object, so on a whim they might take up cycling and within an hour have ordered all the gear they could ever need (and plenty they don’t!).

You look at the calendar and discover their birthday’s getting close and not one idea has passed through your head. Here are a few options that might just tick the right box…


Even if they’re a plantaholic, this is still a great gift because they can never have everything. Take a look at what they’ve got already (grab a sneaky photo or two if you dare), then try to find something that’ll complement the style and the colours – show the pictures to someone at a gardening centre or nursery and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Or perhaps be a little brave and get something completely different – an unusual cactus perhaps or a plant that emits a distinct (and pleasant!) aroma.

Alternatively, you could get them an unusual vase or plant pot – perhaps a ceramic vase that looks like a colourful brick.


Keen readers will, of course, have all the books they could ever want already. But you could buy them a subscription to receive new e-books every month. That way you’ll be ahead of the game, as you’ll – in theory – be purchasing books for your friend that haven’t even been released yet.

Experience days

These are great because there are so many options, there’s bound to be something they haven’t tried yet. As they’re someone who has it all, aim for the more obscure, like paddleboarding yoga or cliff camping (yes, literally camping while dangling off the edge of a cliff!). Or maybe book a meal somewhere unfamiliar to you both (and therefore somewhere they’re unlikely to have been).


Often the old favourites are the best. Chocolate ticks all the boxes, especially if you go for personalised chocolate bars, which will mean they get something special to them that they haven’t had before… and which tastes delicious!

No matter how many times we say it, no one’s ‘impossible to buy for’. It might just take one trip to their home to get the inspiration you need. Aim for an original twist on the things they have and love already – they’ll adore the thought you’ve put in.

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