Finding Time to Exercise: A Basic Guide

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finding time to exercise

Did you know that out of all the active gym memberships, 63 percent of them go unused?

Although many people wish to add more exercise into their day, finding the time becomes an issue for many of them.

While finding time to exercise might seem impossible, this guide will help keep you motivated. Read on to get started.

Turn Your Commute Into a Workout

When you have a busy life, it can feel impossible to find the time to workout. If you’ve committed to being more active, you need to get creative.

Those who struggle to find the time to exercise can turn their commute into a workout.

If you spend at least 15 minutes commuting to work, you can turn it into a cardio session. Rather than taking the bus to work, you can try biking to work.

Those who live close enough to the office can try walking rather than taking other forms of transportation. However, if it’s too far for you to walk to work, you can walk part of the way.

For example, if you take the bus to work, you can try getting off a few stops early. Using your commute to workout will make you feel more active instantly.

Use Your Lunch Break

If you get a 60-minute lunch break, this gives you a great opportunity to squeeze in a workout. There are many ways you can utilize your lunch break to exercise.

For example, if you have a gym near your workplace, you can take advantage of getting a quick 30-minute session. You can also use this time to go on a walk or jog if going to the gym is not an option.

Use Your Office to Workout

You can also use your office to get a workout. If you have space in your office, you can bring a yoga mat and do some yoga.

You can also take advantage of your desk, chair, and more to do some bodyweight movement.

Incorporate Your Kids

If you have kids and you struggle to find the time to work out, it’s time you incorporate them into your workout. There are many ways you can incorporate your kids into your exercise routine.

If you’re a runner, you can take them on a jog with the help of a jogging stroller. You can also encourage them to exercise with you.

Many people use a baby carrier to perform bodyweight exercises.

Stick to A Workout Plan

Sometimes the best way to make time to workout is by having someone keeping you accountable.

If you struggle with accountability, it’s a great idea to signup for a workout program.

Find out which workout programs are right for you.

Not Finding Time to Exercise? Now You Have the Answer

Now that you know about these tips finding time to exercise will come naturally.

To incorporate more exercise into your life, you need to turn your commute into a workout, exercise with your kids, use your lunch break, and stick to a workout plan.

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