Free Chips or Free Spins – What’s the Difference?

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Christmas is peak season at online casinos, so new and existing players can expect to receive freebies throughout the month of December. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a no-deposit bonus, we are here to assist you. While some casinos refer to them as free spins, others may refer to them as free chips or a no-deposit bonus. In essence, they are identical, but there are differences.

To attract new customers, online casinos offer numerous bonuses. The most popular bonuses are no-deposit bonuses, which allow players to gamble without risking their own funds and keep a portion of their winnings.

The only issue with these bonuses is that they go by many different names. The most common are no-deposit bonuses that give you either free chips or free spins. But it’s not easy to know which one is best. The truth is that it “depends” and players should always consider the best potential returns.

This article will explain the distinction between free chips and free spins so you can decide which is best for you, but first, let’s talk about the casinos that offer them.

What are No-Deposit Bonus Casinos?

No-deposit bonus casinos are online casinos with a selection of no-deposit promotions. These promotions are free to claim, with no requirement to make a deposit of your own money. Typically, these bonuses are offered to new customers in an effort to convert them into loyal patrons. With no-deposit bonuses, casinos provide players with free credits, chips, tokens, or spins to play games or slots without making a deposit.

Customers get this bonus by registering at a new casino or meeting other requirements. The type of no-deposit bonus depends on the casino’s policies and the games available. These bonuses also enable customers to try the site’s other features and boost their bankroll. Since you don’t have to make a deposit, all your winnings are free money on your bankroll. And even if you lose, you still get to practice without playing with real money.

There are many types of no-deposit bonuses available. The two most common ones are free chips and free spins. Let’s see how they differ.

Free Credits & Free Chips 

If you see a bonus called “no deposit bonus” then it’s most likely free chips, also known as no deposit free cash bonuses. These bonuses offer customers free chips as credits on their bankroll. These chips and cash are typically used in a wide range of games, including some table games such as blackjack. It’s easy to see why they’re the most sought-after bonuses because they literally allow you to try your luck without depositing any real money.

The number of free chips ranges from 20 to 40 chips and free credits can be anything from $5 to $100. Since free chips are essentially free credits, many casinos require bonus codes to claim these offers. These bonuses have terms and conditions that must be followed before you can withdraw your winnings. However, these bonuses are worth taking despite cashout limits and the fact that most casinos do not allow you to withdraw bonus winnings until wagering requirements are met. Below are some of the pros and cons of these bonuses;


  • Not limited to slot games only.
  • Have a higher withdrawal limit than other casino bonuses.
  • Lower wagering requirements.
  • Cash and chips are instantly deposited into your account.


  • There’s a limit to how much you can cash out.
  • Have to be used within a specified time – usually a few days.
  • The bonus amount is less compared to deposit bonuses.

Free Spins

Free spin bonuses are limited to slot machines and cannot be used for any other games in the casino. Essentially free spins are free credits on a specific slot machine. Some casinos will let you choose which game to use the spins on, and most offers with a large number of spins will let you play a variety of games. There are numerous rumors saying you can’t win when using free spins but this isn’t true. When you receive free spins, the casino basically loads the slot machine with credits in the same way that you would if you had inserted coins yourself. The difference is that each spin has a fixed bet value that you cannot change while playing the free spins.

When playing free spins, all your winnings will be added to your account as bonus cash. Terms and conditions apply, which means that your winnings can only be withdrawn if you meet the casino’s wagering requirements. However, you can use your winnings to play any other games at the casino, including table games, without restriction. Here are some of the pros and cons of free spins;


  • Lower wagering requirements as compared to other bonuses.
  • Higher cashout limit as compared to other casino bonuses.
  • Free spins are offered when you sign up with a new casino.


  • Can only play slot games.
  • Not all slot machines are included in free spins.
  • Requirements need to be met within a specific period.
  • A limit to how much you can cash out.
  • The value of the stake is fixed.

All No-Deposit Bonuses Are Free

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a no-deposit bonus, regardless of whether it is packaged as free spins or free credits.

Now that you understand no deposit bonuses and their two major types, you can choose a casino accordingly. If you are a fan of slot machines, we recommend free spins; if not, free chips are the best option for you.

Your choice is based on your game preferences and what is available to you. If you have a choice, look for a no-deposit bonus with low wagering requirements and a maximum cashout limit, but otherwise, grab what you can while you can. Remember, it’s completely free!

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