How to Avoid Paying High Airport Parking Fees: Expert Advice and Smart Solutions

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It would not be far-fetched to claim that the majority of the world population loves traveling and driving. We can take this claim even further by saying that when travelers use their private vehicle, instead of taking the bus for example, the whole travel experience is more enjoyable. It would be easier to test these claims if more people were eager to arrive at the airport by car. The reason why many travelers do not take this route has to do with the high airport fees. If you identify with this group of people, we encourage you to follow the expert advice below on how to avoid paying high airport parking fees.


Advice #1: Book Early


A widely known and useful travel tip is to book flights, hotel rooms, and any kind of tickets well in advance. In this way, you ensure that there are vacancies and prices are low. The same logic applies to parking; if there is high demand for airport parking, prices will rise. Booking an airport parking space online or via phone even a month before your trip is a safe way to secure a good parking deal.


Advice #2: Compare Businesses Online


The internet is a tool that has improved most aspects of modern life, including booking a space for your car at any airport in the world. There are regularly updated comparison websites such as that provide users with all the necessary information for comparing, assessing, and even booking the ideal airport parking space for each one. The fact that the available options are gathered in one place with their key details clearly stated allows every traveler to quickly identify the airport car park that meets all their needs and requirements.


Advice #3: Join Frequent Flyer Programmes


Some airports and airlines reward individuals who consistently choose their services for air travel. They offer frequent flyer programmes, and people who are eligible to join them get significant travel-related privileges, including lower airport parking prices. You should have a look at your preferred airport’s website to see if they have any such program that you can join.


Advice #4: Join Loyalty Programmes


Similar to frequent flyer programs, some airport car parks offer special deals and discounts to regular customers. Not all car parks have such schemes, so you should inquire either in person or via email if you can’t find any information on their website. Why not support a business that supports you back?


Advice #5: Choose Off-site Car Parks


The simplest way to avoid paying higher airport parking fees is by opting for a car park off the airport. Car parks kilometers away from the terminals offer excellent services at lower prices because otherwise they can’t compete with the time-saving advantage that the on-site businesses provide to flyers. Booking a space at an off-site car park and setting out for the airport an hour earlier than your usual departure time can save you money and reduce stress.

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