How to Boost Sales in Your Email Campaigns

by Staff

Would you like to increase your sales via email marketing? This is the right choice. The ROI of email is massive! It turns every dollar spent into $40 in sales. Got hooked? Great! 

Here’s a quick tip that will help you most of all: Focus on those who are sure to convert first. 

It’s pretty reasonable. Just think about it. Your current clients are the easiest targets to convert into new sales. 

Keep reading for even more amazing sales and marketing tips to make your emails sell, like David Ogilvy or Zig Ziglar.  

1. Design Your Emails for Conversions

Yes, let’s start with design. It should be nice, neat, and professional to convert. People spend only 13.4 seconds reading emails on average. That’s why visual appeal matters a lot. If you are not a great designer, no need to be upset. Use an email template generator, which will help you make your emails more appealing to readers. 

Pick one goal and focus on it while designing your email. Visually, place the conversion action front-and-center. Put the most important thing first at the very beginning of the email.

If you’d like to run a promo, put the details of it in high contrast. Make it large. This way, subscribers won’t miss it. Use these tips:

  1. Pick the right font size and weight
  2. Choose appropriate colors and contrast
  3. Position elements in your email properly
  4. Repeat the CTA a few times

Be direct, honest, and clear in your design and copy. This will make your conversions go up.

2. Use Efficient Copy in Email Marketing for Sales

Copy is another huge thing to focus on in your emails. It consists of a few elements.

Create a Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines

First, you need to hook your subscribers and get them to click through. That’s the time to make them curious about what’s inside your email.


How do you do that?

  •     Keep your subject lines short
  •     Personalize them
  •     Inject some fun and emojis if appropriate
  •     Tease them with a benefit

What’s next?

Perfect Your Call to Action, aka CTA

Use benefit-driven CTAs. Be clear and concise. Ask your subscribers to do what they want to do.

Here are some of the goals of your CTAs.

  •     Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.
  •     Get their response to a request for feedback.
  •     Get them to click through to see your promo offer or product page
  •     Ask them to activate a coupon code

Make sure your CTAs are eye-catching and appealing. Use actionable verbs in them to boost email list sales. Don’t say something boring and generic like “sign up now” or  “click here.” Try these instead:

  •     “Sign me in”
  •     “I want this 10% discount!”
  •     “Show me where I can get this exclusive offer.”

Don’t overcomplicate it.

In Every Email, Focus on ONE Goal

Don’t frustrate your subscribers with too many things at once. If you give them a discount and a reward for review in one email, they are sure to get puzzled about what to choose.

  •     Be clear with your CTA.
  •     Avoid conflicting goals. For example, cross-selling in your emails to revive abandoned carts.
  •     Don’t place different CTAs in your emails. Ensure you ask them to do just 1 thing at a time.

Here’s a pro tip.  Stick to three CTA buttons in one email.

3. Pitch Your Discounts in a Smarter Way

A lot of brands just go with 1 discount for all email subscribers. However, let’s not forget that active and inactive customers require different triggers. So what to do?

  •     Send bigger discounts to inactive clients.
  •     Give lower discounts to active shoppers.
  •     Show a special tiered discount to people who are high spenders.
  •     Send exclusive discounts to students or other social groups.

Discounts are sure to increase your email marketing sales. Just do them in the right way.

4. Reward Feedback

Collect feedback from clients about purchases very actively. Why? This is an amazing way to get those great insights into how to make your product or offer even better.

  •     Incentivize your happy clients to leave you reviews.
  •     Use those reviews on your sales pages and emails to make even more sales.
  •     Show similar products to those who have left the review.

Follow these tips, and your email sales will get better.

Final Words

Here, you have 4 great tips on how to improve your sales with emails. Design your emails for conversions. Use efficient copy that converts. Pitch your discounts in a smarter way (give different discounts to different segments). Reward reviews and feedback. Now, it’s your turn. Implement these tips, and tell us what works best for you.

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