How to fulfill your desires in 2023?

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Why you want to change your life in the New Year

Global changes in life are always timed to coincide with important events. You yourself, for sure, remember how you promised to start playing sports on Monday or sign up for foreign language courses. But what does it have to do with it? Why is some abstract “Monday” able to change our lives?

Psychologists say that the search for ideal conditions is a subconscious desire not to fulfill a promise made to oneself, and in case of failure, one can blame some external circumstances. For example, being busy at work is a common excuse for going to the gym.

Happy New Year is exactly the same. Only the scale is many times larger, because this is a global event. Moreover, the very name of the celebration awakens in us the desire for change.

The chimes are striking, and we imagine how we will change jobs, earn more money, and fulfill our long-standing plans and dreams. But, unfortunately, most often promises remain only in the imagination. Why? After all, yesterday a person was full of intentions to go to goals, and today he is again postponing them.

According to experts, holidays in January are too long. It gives us the opportunity to imagine some idea well and get enough of it. Therefore, the cherished dream does not go beyond our ideas.

In addition, a relaxing holiday atmosphere does not motivate you to start doing something. Fitness clubs do not work for at least a few days, constant visits to guests, overeating – what kind of sport?

But there are also good statistics. The New Year still gives more motivation than a conditional Monday. Therefore, the chances of real changes are still there. Let’s figure out how not to miss them.

Most Popular Plans

Contrary to expectations, the list of winter “Wishlist” includes quite traditional things:

  • take care of health with;
  • travel more;
  • create a family;
  • spend a quality vacation;
  • make repairs to the apartment / house;
  • start going to a fitness club;
  • get rid of bad habits;
  • change job to a more promising one;
  • make a serious purchase, which you have been putting off for a long time.

According to psychologists, the main reason for failures is that a person takes on everything at once, and in the end does not have time for anything.

Don’t be hard on yourself, because the path to your goal may not be as easy as expected, and don’t let failure stop you.

Tips for achieving your goals

The most difficult thing is to keep the promises you made to yourself during the year. The atmosphere of a festive miracle that inspires change disappears immediately after returning to routine. Therefore, it is important not to put things off indefinitely.

Surround yourself with information

For example, if your goal is to correct nutrition, then study this issue in detail: how it will affect your body, what benefits it will bring, what rules should be followed and what recipes exist. This way you will have a complete understanding of what to expect and how to prepare for the implementation of the plan.

More specifics

The phrase “I want to buy a car” is more like a fleeting idea that is there today and not tomorrow. Take a notepad and decide what kind of car you want, write down the brand, equipment, color – everything in great detail.

Perhaps you already know the price and where exactly to buy your dream car? Feel free to write too. It is much easier to work towards a specific goal. And a car loan from Sovcombank will help you not to delay the purchase.

Find like-minded people

Always wanted to go to the gym but were shy? No problem. Invite your friends or relatives to join you. After all, joint classes add motivation.

If there are no enthusiasts among your acquaintances, then look for associates on the Internet – many people want to train in a company and then discuss successes. Another option is group exercise. There you will be surrounded by the same purposeful people who will support you, and you will support them.

Don’t Forget Comfort

The main thing is to listen to yourself and your feelings first of all. Realized that a new hobby is not for you? Then don’t waste your time and energy on it. Do you feel like you have achieved a certain result? Reward yourself – after all, there is nothing more pleasant than a prize for even the smallest achievements.

Make a plan, look for positive examples, be inspired by the experience of others and believe in yourself – this is the key to success.

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