How to get a virtual number for Twitter verification?

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Who needs it?

You may need a virtual number for SMS if you want to have:

  • an additional Twitter account;
  • an account that is not tied to your primary phone number.

A virtual number helps protect you from the leak of data. If someone gets access to your number, they will be able to log into the social networks associated with it. This has financial, personal, and reputational risks.

Which number for SMS to choose?

To register on Twitter, you can choose a one-use (you’ll only get one SMS) or permanent virtual number (you’ll prepay it and use it as much as you need).

A one-time number is cheaper. However, it cannot be used again to restore access to the account, for example, and Twitter account can be lost.

If a Twitter account is needed for business or personal brand development, you should have constant access to the number.

How to get a virtual number step by step

Take a few simple steps to become a number owner:

  1. Choose the type of number (SMS, one-use SMS).
  2. Choose the country whose number you want to receive. It doesn’t have to be the country you live in. If you are going to get a permanent number, you can choose the country with favorable tariffs.
  3. Choose SMS forwarding direction. You’ll receive SMS both to your personal account and to another phone number, email, or HTTP(s).
  4. Pay for the service.

Discounts are available for owners of permanent virtual numbers for Twitter verification. If you choose a 3-month tariff plan, you will get a 3% discount. If you choose 6 months, you’ll get a 5% discount. A yearly subscription will cost 10% less.

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