How to prepare an enjoyable Autumn bus tour in Europe

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Many people consider summer as the ideal season to plan a long tour, due to the sunny weather that makes easier and more pleasant the outdoor exploration and activities.
Without being able to fight that good weather favours travelling, we have to mention that each destination has its own “best season” to be visited, taking into consideration the local climate, specific activities that might get affected (such as swimming in Mediterranean countries), personal preferences on crowdness level, potential events, etc.

Fall is the time of the year that rewards us with a majestic colour palette, with earth tones dominating, while the fallen leaves add a romantic vibe.
Thus, if you ask for our opinion, autumn is a great season to take a bus tour in Europe, given the fact that you will make all the preparation needed to assure an enjoyable experience. Let’s see how’s that possible!

1. Choosing Where

The hardest part is, as always, to select the specific locations worthy of stopping by, among the endless possible choices. First of all, consult your bucket list. See which of them are renown for offering a picturesque autumn scenery, and open the map to discover near-by places that could be included. Check also the calendar for any event that might take place, as a local festival or market, or if one of your favourite artists is performing.

2. Financial Limits

It would be really great if we could fulfil all of our travelling desires, but chances are that it would take a long time to recover financially, especially if you are still a student.
Defining your budget is significant, and determines your trip’s duration, your daily expanses and the adopted lifestyle during it, as well as your accommodation booking.

3. Ticket Reservation

Even if a travelling by bus is much simpler and requires less preparation than a flight, this is not an excuse for you to wait until last minute to get your tickets, or take spontaneous decisions. Let’s not forget that the quality of the transportation is a factor that affects your overall travelling experience. Seek for Europe bus tour operator in advance, to explore the costs and availability for the destinations you have selected, and make any changes if needed before it’s too late, as well as explore any special discounts and offers.

4. Effective Packing

Before starting to pack, you should consult the local weather forecast, for the exact conditions and upcoming temperatures.It’s proven that the best way to cope with autumn weather and its unpredictability, is by creating layers. Other necessary apparel is a waterproof jacket, that enhances your flexibility in comparison to holding an umbrella, and for sure comfortable shoes to walk around. Use travel-size refillable packaging for the must skin-care and beauty products.

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