Improve Your Productivity With the MBTI: Here’s How

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Looking to boost your productivity in 2023? You probably never considered that taking a personality test might help you do that.

Understanding the 16 MBTI personality types can give you a deeper look into who you are and how your brain ticks. This could just be fun information, but if you use it wisely, you could put some new tactics into place to help you become more efficient at work and in your personal life.

Take the Test

First of all, take some time to take the test. Set aside at least an hour to do it thoroughly. You’ll need to answer the questions honestly, and you might want to really think about some of them before simply answering.

Once you have your results, you can read through them and perhaps even make notes! Make sure you know what the letters all stand for and what yours mean. Learn the difference between judging vs perceiving, thinking vs feeling, etc. This will help you to really benefit from the test.

Get to Know Your Strengths

Your test results will provide a section discussing the strengths of your personality type. Get familiar with them and allow yourself to feel proud of what you’re good at! Your strengths are what you can really use to your own advantage to be the best version of yourself.

Become aware of what you can do and work on using your skills and improving them too. Putting your best self forth at work and in your personal life will give you the confidence to progress.

Get to Know Your Weaknesses

You’ll also e presented with a discussion of your weaknesses. While this might feel like an attack, remember that everyone has weaknesses, and knowing what they are is more beneficial than ignoring them. If you know your weak points, you can work on improving them.

You can even use this knowledge to turn your weaknesses into strengths and become a better version of yourself.

Learn Your Ideal Career Paths

You might be interested in the career habits and pathways for your personality type. You may find that you’re in the perfect field according to your type, or you may realize that you’re better suited to something else.

You might use this information to make a career pivot or simply change the way you approach your current job. For example, INFJs are typically well-suited to social work, so you can look into what jobs might be available in that field for you.

Get to Know Your Workplace Habits

When it comes to our jobs, we all know that it’s important to have positive workplace habits. Your test results might highlight some habits and behaviors that your type tends to have in the workplace, and not all of these will be positive!

Use the information to drive you to perform better at work. Become aware of what you do well, and try to improve on habits that might be dragging you down or reducing your productivity levels.

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