Is There a Pressure on Online Casinos to Incorporate New Games into Their Catalogue?

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The iGaming sector is growing at a steadily increasing pace, setting new records each year. The online gambling market will have an estimated value of USD 92.9 billion in 2023. However, huge strides forward mean it’s a highly competitive and oversaturated market.

Despite the massive number of online casinos, new ones pop up each day and stay in the game. As a result, they need to have a competitive edge. So how do they battle competition? The best websites use several vital tactics to stay on top.

How much do new games matter?

Online slots are the most popular type of games in iGaming. Due to technology and the expansion of broadband internet, the games are increasingly advanced with better graphics and gameplay. As a result, online casinos must include new slot games regularly to stay competitive.

It’s not only slot titles that capture the user’s attention. Poker, blackjack, roulette, and increasingly live casino games are also a big part of online casino success.

A massive catalog of games is a competitive advantage among online casinos compared to traditional physical establishments. However, they can’t offer nearly as many games as you can play with added convenience from your mobile phone or computer. The best online casino platforms offer a wide variety of different games, to accommodate the needs of every user. Unibet for example has many games to choose from, which can be played from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

There are several game types online casinos should consider adding. First, if a famous gaming studio develops a progressive jackpot slot, it’s always a popular option to include those games in the catalogue. Games on the most popular lists are another indicator. Lastly, if big iGaming names create something that differs from the usual slot, and table games, casino providers should go for it.

A great example could be VR games. Imagine live poker with VR goggles. Such a game would be immersive. But VR is only a potential feature. It could be another type of new gameplay or graphical option that raises the bar for everyone.

Other ways online casinos compete

Attracting a new customer in a highly saturated market is no easy feat. Payment and deposit options are aspects that are crucial for obtaining new gamers and competing with others. Some players might choose another vendor if an online casino doesn’t offer cryptocurrency, e-wallets, bank transfers, mobile apps, support for wearables, and other deposit options. Seamless instant deposits and payouts are also things users often look for in online platforms.

Loyalty programs are something most casinos work on to retain customers. It’s much cheaper to retain an already existing user than acquire a new one. The iGaming site offers loyalty features through free spins, faster withdrawals, VIP clubs, and other better bonuses or unique features for loyal customers.

In most competitive online casinos, users can play free games. It’s important to provide demo content so players can try out whether they like a certain game or not. If platforms attract users with a vast game library and intuitive user interface, they will likely convert the lead.

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