Official Philadelphia Phillies Sunglasses: Looking Out for Your Team

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If you love the Phillies and are keen to show your support, officially licensed merchandise is the way to go! Phillies sunglasses are a particularly good option, as they’re perfect for everyday wearing, meaning that you can proclaim your team loyalty whether you’re out and about, playing sports, or simply hanging out with friends. Below we round up all the officially-licensed Philadelphia Phillies sunglasses that are currently available and take a look at some vintage collectible options from yesteryear, too.


Officially Licensed Phillies Sunglasses

Phillies Ribbies Sunglasses

Officially licensed, and with Phillies branding on the arm bars and lenses, your team allegiance will be in no doubt with this slick pair of officially licensed shades. Made from 100% polycarbonate and offering 100% UV protection, this fan-favorite option is as high-quality as it is stylish, so even when the sun is shining brightly, you won’t miss a minute of the action from your beloved team!


With their thick black frames designed in a classic Wayfarer style, these Ribbies shades will look great whether worn with your Phillies strip, casual wear, or to accompany formal garments. The Wayfarer shape is highly versatile, so whatever your face shape and personal style aesthetic, you should be able to pull them off perfectly!


Phillies Backwoods Sunglasses

If wraparound shades are more your style, opt for this pair of officially licensed polycarbonate sunglasses. As well as offering 100% UVA and UVB protection, they also incorporate polarized lenses to cut down on glare. Plus, the Backwoods model boasts some subtle printed graphics with etched detailing to discreetly proclaim your love of the Phillies!


This option is perfect for driving and outdoor sports, helping to keep your vision sharp no matter the weather conditions. Like Wayfarer-style frames, wraparounds also work well on most face shapes. Choose these Phillies shades, and you’ll also receive a smart drawstring pouch embellished with sublimated graphics.


Phillies Estrada Engraved Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator-style sunglasses never go out of fashion – and whether you need them fitted with a standard pair of tinted lenses or are looking for prescription sunglasses, there are loads of options on the market to suit your needs and personal style.


These officially-licensed Phillies shades, made from 100% nickel alloy, feature the classic Aviator teardrop-shaped lenses, thin metal rims, and a distinctive double bridge – plus Phillies brand etched detailing. You’ll be able to watch your team in comfort even on the brightest of days with these sunglasses: they offer maximum UV and UVB prescription and anti-glare polarized lenses.


Phillies Oakley Radar EV Path Pine Tar Sunglasses

And we’ve saved the most impressive pair for last! Designed and made by iconic eyewear brand Oakley, the Radar EV shades feature etched Phillies graphics, the company’s trademarked Lightweight O Matter frame, and front rivet accents. The Prizm lenses are pretty special, too: they enhance color, detail, and contrast.


The innovative six-base lens geometry offers high-definition optics, while the standout pine armbars add to the iconic styling. While the price tag may be on the premium side, these Oakley shades are superior in every sense.


Vintage and Collectible Philadelphia Phillies Sunglasses

If you fancy some officially licensed shades from yesterday, either for everyday wearing or to add to an existing collection, you’ll find a range of styles available online from vintage retailers and auction platforms. Below are some models to look out for.


Phillies Bling Crystal Women’s Sunglasses

Featuring Swarovski crystal accents and embellished with the Phillies’ logo, these fabulous sunglasses also feature flex hinges for comfort and maximum UV protection. When originally sold, they came with a pouch, so look out for this when viewing listings.


Phillies Polarized Sports Sunglasses

With a full-rim sports frame and flexible rubber grip arms, these officially-licensed vintage Phillies shades are practical, durable, and stylish – and the polarized lenses cut out glare so you can enjoy outdoor sports or watch the Phillies play even in the brightest of conditions.


Phillies Three Dot Wrap Sunglasses

An essential part of a serious Phillies merchandise collection, these colorful sunglasses have the team’s logo on one side of the arm bars and text on the other. They also feature polarized smoke-colored lenses, a lightweight frame, and a high level of UV and UVB protection.


Phillies Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses

And for those looking for something really impressive, how about this pair of official Phillies sunglasses from Oakley? Released as a special edition in 2009, the Phillies Flak Jacket shades are extremely collectible and command a price that reflects this. The sunglasses have the text ‘Oakley MLBP 2009’ stamped onto the frame and have the ‘P logo etched into the lower left corner of the lenses, which are made from dark gray iridium.


Phillies Official Sunglasses: Support Your Team in Style

Whether you’re looking for a casual pair of sunglasses to wear to the game to show your support for your beloved Phillies, or want a hardworking pair of shades that are durable enough to wear while enjoying outdoor sports, it’s easy to find an officially licensed pair of Phillies sunglasses to suit your requirements.


And if you’re looking for a collectible item of Phillies merchandise to add to your treasure trove? There are plenty of these on offer online, too.

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