Preparing a MXR3500 Generator for Family Emergency Use

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With the frequency of power outages in various weather extremes and the increase in demand for electricity, generators have become a popular product for the public to purchase. Gasoline generators tend to be popular when it comes to choosing a generator. With less maintenance required and higher fuel efficiency, gasoline generators are a highly functional and affordable generator.


How to select a high-quality gasoline generator? 

The first thing we would consider is the brand. Normally, a reputable brand and a well-quality product are corresponding. MXR3500 Portable Generator is part of the MaXpeedingRods – a global manufacturer founded in 2006, and it has quickly gained a lot of interest among prospective customers. After over fifteen years of successful operation, MaXpeedingRods has 12 different production lines and over 20 warehouses oversea. Worldwide, it has over 500 employees and operates in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia which services more than 4 million people. And its annual growth reached almost 200% last year.

Their generators are popular in the market and they offer a 2-year warranty, free lifetime technical support, and mature inverter technology. So that should give you reassurance about MXR3500’s backing.


Powerful and Compact

The MXR3500 is a portable gasoline generator positioned for a wide range of applications. Its first keyword is powerful, with 3,500 starting watts and 3,000 running watts to generate a steady stream of power for up to 13 hours. In a world where everything is tending towards a lighter weight, portability is both practical and a popular choice for the public, MXR3500 has really taken off among similar products with its compact design and net weight of only 21kgs, it perfectly fits this selection criteria.


Clean power output

Compared with some appliances that use a large amount of electricity but not frequently, we can’t live without sensitive electronic devices that use less electricity and more commonly. Inverter technology of MXR3500 supports this demand properly. Through this technology, MXR3500 produces very safe and clean electricity to supply stable and healthy power to sensitive electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and coffee machines. Even if power goes out, we can still enjoy life with no difference from usual. Not to mention, it can help you work and study as scheduled in crucial moments.


Convenient and Safe

Another keyword is convenience, whether electric start or recoil start, the operation is very simple. LED digital control center directly display voltage output, fuel quantity, running time, at a glance, operation is effortless. The third keyword is safety, automatic low oil, carbon monoxide (CO) shutdown and overload protection function protects you in time and the accident rate is significantly reduced. The following 3 distinct highlights make this generator great.


ECO and Quiet

Gasoline generators use gasoline as fuel and convert it into electricity. MXR3500 offers an “ECO mode”, which is definitely a highlight of this generator. With the “ECO mode” on, the energy consumption of the generator will be greatly reduced.

If you ever used a gasoline generator, you will never forget the rumbling sound when it is running. Yes, it’s a very disturbing noise and seems to be a “common problem” of gasoline generators. “ECO mode” of MXR3500 is remarkable in coping with the noise, allowing the generator to run at a quieter level, which makes it ideal for home emergency power, RV travel and other near daily use scenarios. If you’re a noise-sensitive person, then you cannot miss MXR3500!

Should you buy it?

MXR3500‘s impressive design, strong power, and the 3 mentioned highlights make it the first choice for you to invest in. No matter if you are planning to invest in generators before reading this article, we suggest you consider preparing MXR3500 a portable generator for home use in case of emergency.


By the way, MaXpeedingRods offer good after-sales service and can be contacted directly by calling the hotline at 213-459-3517 in the US or by email.

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