Rivers Casino has been subjected to a hacker attack. Customer data fell into the hands of fraudsters

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Hacker attacks and computer system hacks are becoming more and more common and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Recently, Rivers Casino reported that their computer system was compromised and hackers gained access to sensitive customer data. 

What kind of data fell into the hands of the crooks 

Modern online casinos take the issue of security seriously. For example, when downloading the parimatch app, players can be completely safe as this online casino has an entire cyber security department and customer data is as secure as possible.

Rivers Casino in Des Plaines reported that their computer files containing sensitive data of players, employees, and online betting customers may have been compromised by hackers. This included names, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, dates of birth, and driver’s license and ID numbers.

The social security numbers of some customers and employees, taxpayer identification numbers, bank account numbers and passport numbers were also accessed, according to a spokesperson for the gambling establishment. 

In this case, leaking this amount of personal information poses a serious threat to everyone who has been exposed. Despite this, casino representatives have clarified that they do not believe that customer passwords or payment card details have been compromised. However, the vast amount of information that was leaked, including social security numbers and bank accounts, creates serious concerns about potential identity theft and fraud.

Following the discovery of the hack, Rivers Casino took swift action to contain the threat and secure its systems in an effort to avoid any disruption to operations or customer service. The spokesperson declined to disclose the exact number of accounts that may have been accessed, but emphasized that they are doing everything possible to protect customer data.

In addition, the spokesperson said, there was no evidence of financial fraud or identity theft as a result of the hack. While leaking personal information may be a cause for concern, this confirmation shows that Rivers Casino is actively working to minimize potential negative consequences for its customers and employees.

It is important to note that the computer attack had no impact on the casino’s operations, indicating that the gambling establishment’s computer systems are highly secure. However, the incident raises important questions about what steps are being taken to ensure the safety of personal data in light of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats.

Recall that other casinos are also facing hacking attacks. Recently, this incident was reported at the famous MGM casino.

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