Seeing Clearly: 3 Essential Tips For Taking Care of Your Eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses are more than a necessity. They are an extension of our personality, style, and identity. Choosing the right frame is only the beginning of a journey. Once we’ve found that perfect pair that enhances our features, it’s critical to know how to properly care for them.

After all, well-maintained eyeglasses are not only about aesthetics. They are essential for maintaining clear, unobstructed vision. But what exactly does it mean to take care of your eyeglasses, and how can you ensure they stay in pristine condition for as long as possible? In this article, we will provide you with the knowledge and tips needed to keep your eyeglasses in optimal condition.

1 – Storage and handling

Proper storage and handling of eyeglasses are equally as important as regular cleaning. When handling your glasses, it’s best to hold them by the bridge, not the arms. This reduces the chance of accidentally bending the frame or misaligning the lenses. Make sure to take off your glasses with both hands to keep the earpieces straight and aligned.

When it comes to storage, never place your glasses lens-down on a surface, as this can lead to scratches. Instead, when not in use, always store your glasses in a clean, dry protective case. Using these accessories for glasses not only prevents accidental damage but also shields your eyeglasses from dust and other particles that can smudge or scratch the lenses.

In cases when a protective case is not available, make it a habit to close the arms of the glasses before placing them down, always with the lenses facing upward. This simple habit can do wonders in maintaining the longevity of your glasses.

2 – Cleaning

Another crucial step in maintaining your eyeglasses is to keep them clean. It’s important to regularly clean not only the lenses but also the frames.

To clean the lenses, always use a microfiber cloth specifically designed for this purpose. This type of cloth is gentle enough not to scratch the lenses while effectively removing smudges and dust. Avoid using abrasive materials such as paper towels, napkins, or clothing, as they can easily scratch the lenses.

For cleaning, you can use a cleaning solution designed for eyeglasses or mild soap and water. Always spray the solution on the cloth, not directly on the lenses. Then, gently wipe the lenses until they are clean.

3 – Regular adjustments

Over time, with regular use, your glasses may become misaligned or loose. Regular adjustments ensure that your glasses fit properly, providing you the best vision and comfort.

You can perform minor adjustments at home, such as tightening the screws on the temples or realigning the nose pads for comfort. For this, you would need a small eyeglass repair kit, which usually includes a micro screwdriver and an assortment of screws. Be gentle while making these adjustments to avoid causing damage.

However, there are times when professional help is necessary. If your glasses have severely bent frames, or the lenses have popped out, it’s best to take them to an eyewear professional.

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