Shipment Consolidation: What It Is and How to Use It

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One of the most prominent characteristics of E-commerce and online shopping is the ability to click on all the products we want to buy and wait for them to arrive at our door. Such magic is beneficial for those who get bored easily from walking in and out of the stores looking for something but not finding it, or simply those who can’t stand the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold and simply do not want to leave their houses.

Shipment, therefore, is one big blessing that e-commerce has provided us, customers. However, some can’t help but wonder how products from all around the globe are prepared and shipped to houses so easily.

What should you do if you have to pay more fees if you want to order more products? That’s where shipment consolidation, something not many people are aware of – whether customers or shippers – comes into the game.

This means of transportation can be quite beneficial when it comes to packaging exchange and shipping goods to people all around the country, if not the world. If you haven’t come across it before and wonder where to find a company that provides shipping consolidation services, check out MyUS. This shipping company allows customers to shop UK and US stores, combines their packages, and saves up to 80% on shipping.

But what exactly does that mean? Today, we will be looking at what shipment consolidation is and some of its benefits.

What Is Shipment Consolidation?

Shipment consolidation is the action of collecting all the packages that were meant to be sent separately to one client or receiver and shipping them in the same container. The products can be sent from one source or many suppliers, and they could be national or from different locations.

In both scenarios, the packages will be placed into one big container and sent to the same location. This is quite ideal for shippers who have small packages to deliver because they will be able to ship them all in one container without having to face expensive fees.

How Does It Improve Your Shipping Experience?

Say you’re an introvert, someone who enjoys online shopping or simply needs many products at once. You add many items to your cart, and you wait. On Monday, you receive the first package. On Saturday, you receive the second, and after three weeks, you receive the third item.

A month goes by, and you finally collect all the items you had ordered. It’s not that enjoyable, to say the least. However, with shipment consolidation, you are guaranteed to receive all your orders at once. You’ll not only the cost of shipping, but it’s also quite simple and does not require lots of waiting.

Reduced Shipping Time

Customers get easily impatient when they don’t receive their package on time. Sometimes they need the package for a birthday party or a celebration. Sometimes, they just get excited and want to see what they have ordered.

Either way, time is an important factor that might conclude whether the customer is satisfied or not. Shipment consolidation reduces the shipping time and guarantees a faster and more inclusive service.

Reduced Shipping Cost

Shipment consolidation allows the customer to pay less on one package than he was meant to pay when receiving the packages separately. The shipping fees are only paid once instead of many times, depending on the number of packages.

As for the shipper himself, consolidated shipping is very efficient, and he will have to pay less money when sending out the packages. In fact, the shipper pays for the space used for his packages on the container; it wouldn’t matter if the packages are numerous.

It’s all about the space portion. The consolidated orders cost less, and so does the shipment. Therefore, it is a good alternative that will benefit the customer’s and shipper’s experience.

It Is Much More Simple

Why risk losing a package or two during the shipping process or encountering unexpected delays when you simply can send everything in the same container and guarantee its arrival on time.

Not only this, the products meant to be shipped will encounter fewer risks of damages in case of a change of container or transfer to the consolidation center. Consolidated shipping is simple and efficient as it is cheap, fast, and guaranteed.

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