The Best Light Gloves to Bring to Your Next Rave

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Nothing ramps up the intensity of a rave as easily as a good pair of light gloves. Rave gloves have gotten more sophisticated and varied than ever before, and that means that you have a whole lot of cool options available when you want to show off.

Multiple options to choose from means it’s possible to create a personalized lightshow that’s a true expression of your personality. But it also means that you need to look a little more closely at your options. Different gloves are best suited to different scenarios and different experience levels, and understanding where to start can definitely have an impact on how much fun you have with your LED gloves. These are the features and qualities you need to look for.

Color Variety

There’s only so much complexity you can get with two or three colors — but modern light gloves can sometimes offer a staggering amount of different shades to work with. Glove sets like the EzLite 2.0 are known for being beginner-friendly, but they don’t cut corners in terms of color variety. They offer 20 different colors to choose from, but that’s just scratching the surface of what more sophisticated gloves can offer.

Light Patterns

A wide variety of colors can really spruce up a light show, but a good light show is about more than just color variety. It’s also about the different types of configurations of those lights. Good light gloves are going to offer at least a few different flashing patterns to choose from. Having at least a dozen light modes is a good course of action if you plan on using your gloves on a semi-regular basis.


If you’re serious about putting on a show the crowd’s going to remember, you’re going to need the ability to program the light show yourself. This can range from completely smooth and seamless to endlessly frustrating depending on the method used. Some light gloves use chips which need to be programmed manually, while the best offer an incredibly convenient way to create complex designs through the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity.

Glove Design

How a glove is designed will have an impact on how comfortable it is to wear, but it can also have an impact on what your laser light show actually looks like. The shape and positioning of the glove can all have an impact on how the show plays out, but the best option for beginners is to watch videos of the gloves they’re looking to buy. That offers the most sensible impression you could hope for.

Additional Modes

A pair of gloves with a decent amount of colors and patterns will provide you with practically limitless combinations — but many gloves come with a host of additional features as well. These include timers for automatically transitioning between different light modes and a randomized mode for mixing things up. These modes tend to be conditional but are usually convenient.

Battery Life

The batteries used by light gloves are pretty standardized, but how effectively they use those batteries can vary. If you’re serious about gloving, you need something that’s going to last all night. If you can’t find a pair that can keep up with your gloving schedule, brands like Elite make it very easy to change out your batteries.

Gloving is an art, and it requires the right tools to really maximize your talent. Don’t just settle on the first pair of gloves you find. Instead, seek out light gloves that suit your needs and your proficiency level while still giving you some space to grow into them.

Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash

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