The Best Pre Workout for Endurance and Stamina

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Pre-workout. You either love it, or hate it. Whether or not you have given it a try before, there is a reason why so many people are addicted to ensuring they get their pre-workout in before hitting the gym or going on a long run. Pre-workout isn’t just great at getting you through your workout through offering increased energy, but also provides benefits post workout, helping you to build muscle and recover quicker. Whether or not you’re familiar with it, we’re taking a closer look at the best pre workout advantages below to improve your endurance and stamina.

Increased Focus

One of the most obvious benefits of pre workouts are the brain-boosting ingredients they contain. All the best pre workout contains ingredients such as L-carnitine, acetyl, caffeine and tyrosine, which all work to increase your energy and boost your muscle growth. Increased energy levels mean that you are likely going to find it easier to concentrate on what you are doing, helping to maintain your focus throughout the duration your workout.

Enhanced Muscle Strength 

In addition to improving your focus and increasing your energy, pre-work increases the production of hormones in the body. This includes adrenaline, which is a hormone that triggers your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. Pre-work out enhances the release of calcium from the SR which is found within our muscle cells, increasing the strength of contractions and thus improving muscle strength.

Increase Ability To Burn Calories

Taking pre-workout each time you go to the gym won’t necessarily trigger your body to burn more calories but if your selected pre-workout contains a thermogenic ingredient such as caffeine or CLA, it may aid the reduction of body fat. This is because pre-workout is designed to increase your performance, ultimately making it much easier to maintain the high energy levels required to complete your workout.

Quicker Recovery

High-quality pre-workouts contain a combination of creatine and/or amino acids which helps aid recovery of the body. This applies both before and during your workout, when you may require an energy boost particularly if you are participating in an endurance sport such as marathon running or mountain biking. By taking pre-workout, you’re likely to recover much quicker and feel less fatigued as a result. You may also notice a difference in your muscles, whereby they ache for a shorter period of time or not at all.

Improve Your Overall Performance

Generally speaking, taking pre-workout will improve your overall performance whether you are following a high-intensity training routine or hitting the weights. Importantly, you should take your pre-workout between 30 minutes and 60 minutes prior to starting your exercise routine. As the name would suggest, pre-workout is best taken before to ensure it begins supplying your body with the required results to benefit your performance. So, instead of drinking it on the way to the gym, set your alarm an hour earlier for the best results.

Regardless of your pre-workout preference, taking some kind of supplement prior to your workout can dramatically benefit your performance both during and after exercise, helping you to reach your fitness goals at a much faster rate. Let us know what your favorite is below!

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