Using Technology and Automation to Enhance Customer Service and Efficiency

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Most customers in the current digital market expect reliable products and high-quality service from the businesses they transact with. Luckily, business executives can understand and manage their customer’s expectations by leveraging the data collected through customer service technology. Additionally, your website, IT network, and other customer-facing tech tools are potential data collection points for observing customer behavior patterns.

Relying on technology, data collection tools, and automation can help businesses get actionable analysis about their prospects, solve problems, and enhance their customer experiences. Here’s how businesses can leverage technology and automation to improve their efficiency and customer service.

Using digital tools to understand your customers

In today’s digital world, knowing your customers is essential in optimizing the interactions between your business and the buyers. It helps you to identify any pain points, opportunities, and gaps in your customer experience. Understanding your customers helps you to align your products, services, and processes with your customer’s expectations and needs.

So, what can digital tools reveal about your customers?

  • Purchasing preferences

Businesses can leverage digital tools to harness different categories of data to understand their customers’ purchasing preferences. Digital tools such as Google Analytics for instance can give you information on the actions of different visitors on your website.

  • Pinpoint feedback & reviews

Reviews also convey opinions and sentiments that can help shape how you develop your highest-selling products and services. However, it’s almost impossible for major brands to individually analyze every customer’s review. Instead, smart e-commerce businesses are using AI-powered tools to analyze and extract sentiments from their product reviews.

Online reviews have a huge impact on whether prospects decide to pull the trigger and buy products or services from businesses they have never worked with. Many individuals explore unfamiliar businesses when seeking products or services.

Reviews are especially important in sensitive markets such as hospitality, e-commerce and the gambling sector – extremely popular with Australians – just to name a few. In these cases, specialized review sites are key to making informed choices about where to book a trip, buy clothes or spin the wheel. GambleOnlineAustralia’s recommended casinos for real money is a good example of a site where players can read professional reviews and find reliable online games to play.

  • Social media discussions

Social media discussions on platforms like Twitter and Instagram give businesses valuable insights into your services and products compared to your rivals. The customer engagement data will help you determine how your social media strategy can yield the desired ROI.

Businesses can track their brand awareness through social media by checking the number of mentions, links, and shares that they receive over a specific period. Your business can also use social media discussions to gauge their social sentiment.

  • Repeat interest

Repeat interest is essential for the success of any business since it often results in lead conversion. Fortunately, entrepreneurs can use tech tools to track repeat visitors on their business’s site.

How to use digital tools to enhance customer experience

Technology is essential in giving your customers a seamless experience. Here are several ways that businesses are using technology to enhance efficiency and customer experience.

  • Using automated services

Most customers enjoy self-service since it saves them time. Interactive voice response menus are a great way to ensure that your customers don’t waste their time going through long menus to choose what they need. Additionally, they’re highly efficient in routing customers to the best-suited agents where live support is needed.

  • Supporting customers proactively

Proactive support is crucial in assisting your customers whenever they need help and it can turn visitors into buyers. You can offer your customers a live chat when they are browsing a company website and geo-locations tools can be used in offering chat to the customers in the store. Additionally, the rising popularity of messaging applications for customer service is partly because of chatbots that offer personalized and proactive support.

  • Making personalized recommendations

Customers today want marketing offers that are tailored to their needs. Making personalized recommendations based on your prospects’ browsing and purchasing history can prove effective in pleasing your customers and driving sales. Such recommendations can be made to your customers when they are browsing a brand’s website.


Delivering compelling customer experiences starts by understanding how to support what your customers want to achieve. Fortunately, automation and digital tools can help you understand your customers and create experiences that give them a greater sense of self-confidence and control.

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