The role of language in social media marketing strategies

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The advent of the web and social media has profoundly changed the way people express themselves, directly influencing the language and communication skills of billions of individuals. Those who are not used to wandering around on social media, even if only in their free time, would surely be taken aback by the expressions and idioms that have sprung up in recent years on social media, and which are only fully comprehensible to those who are used to frequenting these platforms every day.

The role of language, on social media, is also of fundamental importance for the communication strategies of companies, which theoretically should propose well-thought-out communication messages expressed in a language suited to their audience. The tone of voice, for brands using social media like Twitter, is essentially based on language and its ability to emotionally engage people, stopping their attention and forcing them to stop for a few moments on the pages of a given brand.

On many occasions, the success of a given post or an entire communication campaign – online and offline – is still based on the power contained in words, and their ability to completely absorb people’s attention, if only for a few seconds. In communication, you win even if only by capturing people’s attention for a fraction of a second.

Sectorial languages 

Nowadays, many companies continue to prefer a standard language, without any connotation or distinctive feature, inevitably ending up becoming indistinguishable from all other brands. But each sector has a specific language that must distinguish it from all others, and that must also be used at the communication level to strengthen the brand’s positioning in its target market.

The posts that appear on the Instagram or Facebook profiles of an art gallery, or an architecture studio, cannot be written in the same style used by food brands, hairdressers, or car repair shops. Each sector has its own jargon, its own terminology, its own peculiar expressions, a whole set of lexical and syntactical characteristics that must also be replicated online, in social media communication.

Wrong leveling

The time has come for this obscene leveling of language within the online virtual spaces to be definitively overcome by a sector-specific focus on your own specific language, in order to send a very precise message to your entire audience.

In the creation of your online posts, you will therefore have to start taking into account all those expressions that shape the specific language of your sector, trying to give it a form that is comprehensible even to an audience that is not yet specialized. The challenge is certainly demanding, but concrete results will not be long in coming.

The easy way out, i.e. using standard, soulless language, will not lead to anything positive, and may even result in a sudden drop in the number of followers and interactions on your company profiles. Once you have acquired the necessary knowledge to bring this kind of language to life, any communication you publish online – and especially on social media – will seem much more authentic, much more effective, precisely because it is rooted in the purest essence of the brand, its particular language.

Every brand should take a close look at the content marketing strategy used by Thai fashion brand Asava, which on Facebook prefers to use concise, extremely incisive posts animated by elegant, refined language that immediately refers to the glitzy, glittering universes of fashion.

A very good example of this strategy can be seen in the content published by the best online gambling portals, which have been able to smoothly complete the difficult transition from the physical to the virtual world, managing to satisfy even the most demanding Thai users

A platform such as Asiabet, for example, is able to offer incredible gaming experiences for a wide range of users, and is able to please also Thai sports betting lovers and traditional casino game enthusiasts alike, through a simple, captivating and immediately comprehensible language, while at the same time featuring some unmistakable expressions linked to the world of online gaming and entertainment. Expert guides and reviews, strategically placed within the site, will help each player familiarise themselves with the different aspects of the game, placing them in the ideal conditions to enjoy a truly unforgettable entertainment experience.

The destinies of brands, especially online, will continue to be inextricably linked to the power of the written word, to texts, to brilliant and effective posts capable of astounding the web audience, even with just two or three carefully chosen words.

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