30 Spots for the Best Ice Cream in New Jersey

best ice cream in New Jersey

Summertime means ice cream dates are in full effect. This frozen treat is the perfect ending to any meal, cools you down on a hot summer day, and can simply cure any bad day you might be experiencing. For me, I could have ice cream all year round, even if there’s a blizzard outside; I love it that much and I’m always looking for new places to try. If you’re in search of the best ice cream in New Jersey, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best spots to find life-changing ice cream in NJ.

1. Van Dyk’s Homemade Ice Cream

Ridgewood, NJ

Being around for over 40 years, Van Dyk’s is a staple in Bergen County and offers a selection of homemade flavors ranging from the OG’s to special creations and combos. Also please be prepared when going that you have cash on hand because that’s all they accept (yeah, it’s old school).

2. Applegate Farm

Montclair, NJ

Ice cream always tastes better if it’s from a farm with a history behind it. From 1849 to now, families have been enjoying rich homemade ice cream from this establishment. Their menu contains a long list of traditional and special flavors that you’re bound to fall in love with the freshness and creaminess. Plus, it’s where Phil Leotardo tried to whip Vito Jr. into shape in The Sopranos—we all know how that ended. 

3. Thomas’ Ice Cream Cafe

Hoboken, NJ

In the summertime, it simply doesn’t get better than homemade ice cream. At Thomas’, customers can choose from a selection of flavors from cookie dough and coffee Oreo to Cinnabon and hot fudge brownie. Thomas’ is a great date spot too since they offer flatbreads, pizza and coffee, so you can grab dinner AND dessert.

4. Curly’s Ice Cream

Riverdale, NJ

If you find yourself in Passaic County, you better stop by Curly’s Ice Cream. This roadside ice cream shop is hard to miss with it’s retro themed colors and eternally long line in the Summer. It has that 1950s ice cream parlor look and if you love soft serve ice cream, this is your kind of place. They also have fantastic hard ice cream, sorbets, shakes and much more. 


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5. Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream 

Ledgewood, NJ

Cliff’s is a fantastic spot open all year round. It features a vintage drive-in with picnic tables scattered across the property, making it perfect for families, friends, and couples to enjoy. Enjoy a wide range of flavors from Cherry Cola and Holy Cannoli to Whiskey Turtle Fudge, along with seasonal favorites like Eggnog, Pumpkin Pie, and Dutch Apple Crumble in the fall.

6. Torico Ice Cream

Jersey City, NJ

Since 1968, co-owner Peter Berrios still makes ice cream that only contains real fruit and premium ingredients—no powdered mixes or pre-made bases. Torico’s menu contains a huge list of flavors from Asian-inspired treats, as well as plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. They also offer ice cream pies, cakes and old fashioned ice cream floats. 


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7. Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery

Bloomfield, NJ

Now this might be New Jersey’s most known ice cream spot since the infamous “Soprano’s” final scene was filmed here. You can almost hear “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey when you walk into this 85-year-old ice cream shop, which is adourned with vintage decor and Sopranos memorabilia all over the place.  Similar to others, you can enjoy a juicy burger or stacked sandwich, then finish with your favorite ice cream sundae or pair your dinner with an ice cream float! This classic diner and confectionary is a portal to old school Jersey. 


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8. The Original Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard

Multiple Locations

The Kohr brothers definitely knew what they were doing in 1917talk about boardwalk treats! If you see a sign with this name, it is worth the inevitable wait. Kohr Brothers rose to fame because of their signature frozen custard, which is rich, creamy and sweet. The iconic swirled cone is a staple on the boardwalk. The custard is absolutely delicious but if you’re a hard ice cream fan, you’ll love it too! 


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9. Nasto’s Ice Cream Co.

Newark, NJ

This place was the neighborhood spot back in the 1940s and since then has risen to new heights. Nasto’s products are served by some of the top restaurants, hotels and caterers in the tri-state area. In addition to their famous homemade ice cream and Italian ices, guests can also order their line of delicious Italian desserts like Tartufo, Spumoni and the fan-favorite Tortoni—an almond-laced ice cream with cherries and a hint of rum. 


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10. Beenie’s Ice Cream

Morristown, NJ

“We sort of have a dog theme,” says Beenie’s of their Morristown ice cream shop which is decorated from head-to-toe with pictures of dogs and even their dog mascot, Beenie! Their signature ice cream checks off three boxes: American creaminess (high milk fat), Italian smoothness (think gelato) and artistic flavors. This formula works incredibly well for flavors such as key lime, peach melba and green mint. They even have dairy-free flavors. At Beenie’s, nothing is off limits.

11. Ernie’s Ice Cream

Mahwah, NJ

If you’re looking for decadent and creative combinations of your favorite flavors, Ernie’s is your go-to. For example, peanut butter-lovers need to try the peanut butter pie flavor (peanut butter ice cream with chopped peanut butter cups and graham cracker swirl) and if you love Disney’s Pineapple Dole Whip creation, you can enjoy it here! In addition to their hard-ice cream, they have a huge selection of soft serve and in the fall, they offer seasonal treats like apple crisp, pumpkin ice cream and more.

12. Iceberg Ice Cream

Lavallette, NJ

Another delicious ice cream hotspot at the Jersey Shore goes to Iceberg. Their menu consists of traditional and mash-up hard ice cream flavors, soft serve and a wide selection of creative and classic sundaes. In the past, they’ve collaborated with local business, Colonial Bakery, to create a crumb cake flavor that contains chunks of the bakery’s famous crumb cake spun in with vanilla ice cream. Other flavors such as strawberry cheesecake, toasted coconut and coffee cake can also be found.


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13. Royale Crown Ice Cream & Grille

Hammonton, NJ

This vintage ice cream parlor has been dishing out scoops of frozen treats, burgers and more since opening over 70 years ago. Classic sundaes and old-school treats are the name of the game at Royale Crown. If you happen to stop in during blueberry season, be sure to order appropriately—Hammonton is the blueberry capital of the world after all.

14. Milk Sugar Love

Jersey City, NJ

Growing up eating Kohr’s Brother’s in Ocean City, New Jersey-owner Emma Taylor always loved ice cream and wanted to have her own shop one day. Inspired by her love for travel, she’s created modern flavors like Chocolate Rosemary, Ginger Creamsicle, Carmen Rosa’s Dominican Cake and more. If you’re wondering the reasoning behind the name, you’ll be glad to know it has to do with the quality of the ice cream. Taylor only uses simple ingredients like organic grass-fed cow’s milk, cream, sugar and love—because that’s really all you need for excellent ice cream.

15. Conrad’s Confectionery

Westwood, NJ

If you’re looking for a real-life Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory that has unbelievable ice cream, this is it. Since Conrad’s opened in 1928 their chocolates, hot fudge, whipped cream and syrups have all been homemade. Take a stab at any of their to-die-for flavors, or grab a box of candy to go. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. 

16. Skipper Dipper

Long Beach, NJ

Since 1978, Skipper Dipper has been serving up some of Jersey’s best ice cream in LBI. The expansive list of flavors and toppings is what draws thousands to this establishment each summer. Try a unique soft serve flavor, or a classic sundae. Afterwards, take a stroll to the beach, which is only a stone’s throw away.


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17. Gabriel’s Fountain

Bridgewater, NJ

Yet another portal into the New Jersey of decades past, Gabriel’s Fountain is a great spot to grab a bite to eat and cap it off with some of NJ’s best ice cream. Gabriel’s specializes in hard ice cream and their unique flavors are undeniably attractive. Take the Aztec chocolate churro, which boasts a spicy dark chocolate base and cinnamon, or the sour cream and cherry, which includes sour cream infused base and bourbon cherries. Whatever you choose, it’s bound to hit.


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18. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Jersey City, NJ

No more crossing state lines to enjoy two childhood food favorites together. This New York-based ice cream shop brought its famous cereal establishment to Jersey City in 2020. Customers can choose from Milk & Cream’s signature creations or make their own; creativity is key in the ice cream world.

19. Hoffman’s Ice Cream

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ (& other locations)

What originally started as a Carvel became something even better when the franchise expired in 1976. Since opening, Hoffman’s has been nothing but happiness and delicious ice cream. From classic flavors to signature creations, you’ll be in sweet treat heaven. The Jersey Monkey is absolutely delicious (banana ice cream with peanut butter swirl and chocolate chips) and the Strawberry Bon-Bon (strawberry ice cream with hard chocolate swirl) is sweet and tangy. 

20. Windy Brow Farms

Fredon Township, NJ

Windy Brow Farms has had roots in Sussex for over a century. They’re best-known for supplying NJ with some beautiful produce and plenty of pick-your-own experiences. However, it’s their dairy farm heritage that continues to shine. At Windy Brow, you can find gourmet ice cream combinations made with ingredients from their farm (including pastries) and nearby purveyors. Maple ice cream with chocolate-covered bacon, burnt honey with roasted salted pistachios, and yes, the often talked about Taylor Ham ice cream. Head to their Instagram to see these treats in all their beauty. 


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21. The Bent Spoon

Princeton, NJ 

When in Princeton, The Bent Spoon is a must-visit. And any local will tell you the same. This artisan, award-winning New Jersey ice cream shop has been nationally recognized for its ambitious flavors. Think seasonal, local and organic ingredients coming together to form the likes of Lavender Mascarpone, Chocolate Ramp and Avocado Lemon. They’re also known for their sublime vegan offerings, including cookies and cream, in addition to an array of refreshing sorbets.


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22. Surreal Creamery

New Brunswick, Ridgewood and Westfield NJ

This New York hotspot has three outposts in New Jersey. Their signature is soft-serve ice cream served in mason jars or their “floateas” that incorporate bubble tea at the base. At Surreal Creamery, you’ll find Asian-inspired flavors such as taro and Vietnamese iced coffee. There are also nostalgic toppings like Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms. If you consider yourself a kid at heart, you’ll want to get the blue vanilla ice cream, the same color of your favorite Muppets character.


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23. Duffers Restaurant & Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Wildwood, NJ

Duffer’s doesn’t play around when it comes to ice cream. Well, they actually do—have you seen the size of their sundaes? This family-owned Wildwood institution has been in operation for 50 years and continues to make all of their ice cream in-house daily. You can find classics here like a banana split, but there’s nothing quite like ordering a bowl of their outrageous creations. Milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches and floats aren’t off the table either. 

24. Llama Ice Cream

Rockaway, NJ

Look no further for exotic ice cream flavors—Llama Ice Cream has you covered with their rich and creamy tropical fruit varieties such as lucuma, guava, mamey, soursop, tamarind, and more. Conveniently located in Rockaway Mall, it’s the perfect way to conclude a day of shopping.

25. Trina’s Treats Ice Cream Parlour

Lyndhurst, NJ

Treat yourself to something sweet at Trina’s, where you can enjoy ice cream cannolis, flights, nachos, sandwiches, pies, cakes, and more. Their flavors rotate weekly, and in addition to their ice cream, they offer a wide range of delicious desserts.


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26. Nicholas Creamery 

Atlantic Highlands, Fair Haven, Tinton Falls, Long Branch, Middletown NJ

They specialize in crafting top-notch quality homemade ice cream with an authentic dairy flavor, featuring unique seasonal varieties such as goat cheese and horchata.  They create small batches, rotating flavors monthly. Hudson Coffee Crunch, their No. 1 best seller, is a staple. 


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27. Jersey Freeze 

Freehold, NJ

Bruce Springsteen isn’t a regular at Jersey Freeze for no reason. It’s a beloved staple among residents, offering a wide array of soft serve and hard ice cream flavors. Beyond ice cream, it’s also a full-service restaurant where you can savor classic American staples.


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28. Days Ice Cream 

Ocean Grove, NJ

For 138 years, Day’s has been a cherished ice cream destination for Ocean Grovers—a true historic gem! As the town’s oldest continuously operating business, it’s no wonder the wait in line is always worth it. Featuring an incredible variety of flavors like Peanut Butter Moose Tracks, Almond Joy, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Hazelnut Truffle Latte, and more, Day’s continues to delight generations of visitors. 


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29. Springer’s Homemade Ice Cream

Stone Harbor, NJ 

Springer’s is a beloved Jersey Shore destination, known for its daily homemade offerings of over 70 flavors of ice cream, ices, and sorbets, including dairy-free options. The long line is well worth the wait, and flavors like Blueberry Cheesecake and Almond Amaretto are a must-try. 

30. Denville Dairy

Denville, NJ

For over 50 years, Denville Dairy has been delighting customers with their premium handmade ice cream. Their menu features a variety of treats, including ice cream dixie cups, sundaes, and sandwiches. They also cater to diverse dietary needs by offering sugar free, fat free, and vegan ice cream options. With an impressive range of flavors and choices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Did we miss your favorite ice cream spot? Let us know in the comments below!

Alondra Cabrera is the Editorial Assistant at New Jersey Digest. She recently graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. During her time at school, she discovered her passion for journalism and content creation. In her free time, she loves to create and edit videos for her corgis, Rafi and Toffe, and indulge in culinary adventures with her friends. Alondra also enjoys traveling, cooking, and working out. She is excited to embark on her professional journey in media and looks forward to contributing her skill and creativity to her role here at New Jersey Digest.

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Rachel July 18, 2020 - 6:05 pm


Michael Scivoli July 20, 2020 - 3:38 pm

Bent Spoon in Princeton too!

Maryanne Pantilione June 2, 2021 - 9:33 am

Harvey Cedars Ice Cream Parlor should be on this list!

Greg McMahon June 2, 2021 - 9:57 am

I’ve been to several of these “best” ice cream spots and they are mediocre, tasting more like ice milk than ice cream. I can’t believe you missed two of the true best in NJ – Denville Dairy in Denville (super premium) , and Jersey Freeze (soft custard) in Freehold and Holmdel. They are certainly among the best!

Sanford Josephson June 2, 2021 - 9:59 am

Sundae’s in Sea Girt/Manasquan and other locations is better than Hoffman’s.

Nicole June 2, 2021 - 10:59 am

This list should be called “North Jersey ice cream spots and oh, yeah, sometimes I go to the shore.”

Sal Cal June 2, 2021 - 3:16 pm

Your list is a little “top heavy” in regard to North Jersey names. But they all do merrit the mention (I am from north jersey).
Maybe expand the number to 25 and include Days Ice Cream in Ocean Grove. I have had the majority of those listed from north, central, and south. I have to put Days in the top 5 of the state.

Jack May 23, 2022 - 6:50 am

Yes, New Jersey has some amazing cream spots.

Barbara C Walsh June 2, 2023 - 5:44 am

Surreal Creamery with the three locations in NJ are not a New York hotspot.

Beth June 2, 2023 - 11:21 am

Cliff’s Ice Cream in Ledgewood!!!

Caitlyn June 2, 2023 - 11:30 am

O wow cow creamery in Lambertville- a central Jersey favorite

Max June 2, 2023 - 11:42 am

Halo Pub in Princeton and Halo Farm in Hamiltion, where the ice cream is made with fresh dairy from Halo Farm in Lawrenceville.

Charles Poekel June 2, 2023 - 11:46 am

You missed Springers in Stone Harbor.

Caitlyn June 2, 2023 - 11:50 am

O Wow Cow Creamery in Lambertville- a central Jersey hub

Beth Ann Goldberg June 2, 2023 - 12:05 pm

Confectionately Yours in Franklin Park

Bill June 2, 2023 - 12:29 pm

There is more to NJ than North and Central NJ.
It’s not a complete list unless South Jersey is included.
Alaura in Pitman for example

jackie freedman June 2, 2023 - 12:38 pm

I find that you ALWAYS report on North Jersey spots. New Jersey has a southern part as well. Please keep that in mind when reporting on any Eating spots… Sundie’s on Rt 73 right before what once was the Berlin Circle for Ice Cream is Fabulous!!!

Theboyracer June 2, 2023 - 12:40 pm

Cranberry Junction Homemade Ice Cream In Hackensack should be on this this. I’m surprised it wasn’t.

Mary Ellen DeVries June 2, 2023 - 12:49 pm

You left out Crazees in Rumson. Their Elvis is sublime

David June 2, 2023 - 1:19 pm

I am in northern Jersey as well so I am glad that so many top spots aren’t too far from me. But you CANNOT omit Halo Pub in Princeton. It is one of the best I’ve had in any state or country.

Shira June 2, 2023 - 1:24 pm

Hate to be ‘that’ person, but I would highly recommend trying Das Creamery in Budd Lake before putting out your next ‘Best Of’ list in New Jersey. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for including Windy Brow in Sussex County – a true cow-to-cone creamery.

Brian Hochberg June 2, 2023 - 5:18 pm

How could you have missed Jersey Freeze? Even Bruce Springsteen keeps coming back to Jersey Freeze. Such good ice cream.

Gina June 2, 2023 - 6:16 pm

Oh you should DEFINITELY include Wish Upon a Pastry in Midland Park! Need an option for those of us who are looking for dairy free & vegan options!!! It’s the BEST homemade, small batch I’ve ever had 🙂

Debby McKinnon June 3, 2023 - 12:03 am

You missed Flecks Ice Cream Parlor in Villas. They have the best sundaes!

Holly Sharon June 3, 2023 - 5:00 am

Nicholas creamery in Tinton Falls, Long Branch, Middletown and Fair Haven

Jeffrey Albrecht. June 7, 2023 - 7:56 pm

Everytime this list comes out I check to see if Cherry’s ice cream and water ice make the list, and they don’t. I’m beginning to wonder if you are you really going to all these locations or are you just picking out random shops. Because Cherry’s ice cream and water ice is a mom and pop shop and there is only one location, and that is in Cherry Hill N.J. Now in their 29th year of business so they must be doing something right. They even have loyal customers who come from Philadelphia for their products. Their ever expanding menu is incredible and they are constantly adding new items and daily and seasonal specials. This shop has such a loyal following that the owner refused to raise prices throughout Covid when just about every other shop did. Besides having fantastic ice cream and water ice, they make ice cream cakes and gelati cakes which are to die for, they also have a bakery. Everything is made from scratch from family recipes. Some of their best selling items in the bakery include Jewish apple cakes, carrot cakes, blueberry muffins, cinnamon muffins, cupcakes, and pepperoni bread. Not to mention a large variety of cookies. Do yourself a favor and check out Cherry’s ice cream and Water Ice before this list comes out again thank you.

Susan Montagna June 3, 2023 - 10:22 am

Yes you missed 2 great places in Central Jersey…..The first is Confectionately Yours in Franklin Park, NJ and Thomas Sweets in Princeton and other locations.

Bob Gary June 3, 2023 - 10:57 am

Don’t come down to South Jersey often, do you? How do you write an article only doing half the research?

stu June 3, 2023 - 3:49 pm

McCools Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt, Madison, NJ

Janice June 5, 2023 - 8:16 am

Mike’s Ice cream in Secaucus, deserves a place on this list. Small place, great ice cream!

Cathie June 5, 2023 - 11:23 am

Leo’s in Tabernacle and Medford. Yes, these towns are also in NJ

Ryan June 5, 2023 - 12:42 pm

I was starting to wonder if you guys knew that there was a part of New Jersey below Central New Jersey. I think you guys need to spend alittle more time in the Southern End. How bout for one I mention Sundaes West Berlin NJ

Frank Gorman June 5, 2023 - 3:04 pm

The Drive In located in Maple Shade! Its apparent you did do not go south of I-195 much!

On the plus side, I got a lot places to check out up North!

anthony June 5, 2023 - 9:39 pm

Check out Goffle Creamery in Hawthorne NJ!

Eric Porter June 5, 2023 - 9:49 pm

Day’s in Ocean Grove has got to be on the list!

Jeffery Schaefer June 7, 2023 - 2:38 pm

Fajjis in Perth Amboy needs to be on this list. It is all homemade ice cream. Supper creamy very flavor full.
While I love Skipper Dipper and the source very good ice cream I think the list should be only homemade ice cream

AJ June 7, 2023 - 9:01 pm

Nicholas Creamery in Atlantic Highlands.

Maryanna June 10, 2023 - 11:36 am

How could you not include Thomas’ Sweet – locations in Princeton and New Brunswick??!! Best. Ice. Cream. EVER. Plus their blend-ins are to die for!!

Rv June 16, 2023 - 7:39 pm

Trina’s Treats Ice Cream Parlour in Lyndhurst

charlie rizzolo June 29, 2023 - 2:59 pm

Cliffs has a great menu of ice creams and they are all homemade

Justin June 30, 2023 - 2:06 am

I’ve been to 14 of these places and of the 14, I’d say 3 of them are actually worth going to… I bet this blogger just stole from a few lists and called it her own. If she ate as much ice cream as she writes about, she’d have diabetes.

Don Eilenberger June 30, 2023 - 11:02 pm


Nicole said it best “This list should be called “North Jersey ice cream spots and oh, yeah, sometimes I go to the shore.”” – this seems to be a failing for almost every “Best” list in NJ that has appeared here.

You really might consider discovering the 2/3rds of NJ you’ve apparently overlooked. It makes me question the value of even opening another email and clicking on the link when New Jersey Digest plops in my in-box.


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