The Best Restaurants in Jersey City (2024 Guide)

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We’ve rounded up the best Jersey City restaurants so you don’t have to. From decades-old Italian-American red sauce joints to underground cocktail bars and award-winning Bangladeshi food, these are the best restaurants in Jersey City. 

143 Social

You have to know where to look to find this stellar cocktail bar in the heart of the city, but once you do, you’ll enter a world defined by boundary-pushing beverages and tasty bites. Gabriel Rieben and Arto Ozgun teamed up to bring JC a bar that isn’t just impressive for New Jersey, but one that would wow no matter where you placed it. The unique menu structure involves nameless drinks that instead don a numerical moniker—The Number Twelve, The Number Twenty-Four and so on. Thematically, 143 Social’s cocktail menu is defined by the seasons and the small plates and homemade bar snacks come to play back up. For cocktail fans and food obsessives alike, 143 Social is a must-try. 

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A Spread of Cocktails at 143 Social | Photo by Peter Bonacci

15 Fox Place 

15 Fox Place is one of Jersey City’s most quintessential restaurants. The reservation-only Italian hub is set in a historical house where the decor has remained untouched for the last several decades. Family pictures and trinkets adorn the house, which can be explored during the allotted breaks in between certain courses. It’s a dining experience like no other—the menu-less dinner is highlighted by family-style options like polenta with meaty sugo and fried potatoes with long hots. The meal spans nearly three hours and includes around 15 courses (yes, 15). Reservations are by phone only and book months out. 

Ani Ramen 

Yes, we know. Ani Ramen is a small chain with locations across much of North Jersey, but the Jersey City location is somehow separate from the rest. Maybe it’s the vibe, or maybe it’s the long list of Japanese whisky and playful cocktails. Vibrant-orange spicy miso ramen comes with chewy noodles, braised pork belly and a sweat-inducing broth and the pillow-like bao buns remain a fan favorite. Add in late hours on the weekends and a separate dining experience in the basement (see Sushi By Bou below), and you get what is reliable ramen in a cool setting without the fuss.

Barge Inn 

This 60’s-era tavern transports diners back in time in JC’s historic Village neighborhood. On paper, it’s a watering hole serving Italian-American staples, but to its regulars, Barge Inn is a second home. A place to have a comforting meal, served to you by familiar faces. Try the pork chops with hot peppers, potatoes and vinegar, deemed “Pork Chop Bitsy,” or maybe you want a pile of crispy, fried calamari with plenty of red sauce to dip it in. On Thursdays, diners flock to Barge Inn for all-you-can-eat pasta. Looking for something that makes you feel like you’re eating a home-cooked meal at Grandma’s house? Well, you found it.


Chef Ryan DePersio’s Battello has long stood as one of the best dining views in not just Jersey City, but New Jersey as a whole. Located at the end of a pier overlooking Lower Manhattan, Battello backs up the vibe with what is comfortably some of the best food in the city. New-school Italian is the name of the game, something DePersio pioneered in the Garden State almost two decades ago. Seafood towers fly through the dining room, piled high with lobster, oysters, tuna tartare and more, while hand-made pastas and grilled proteins round at the latter half of the menu. With a well-rounded wine list in the mix, and a refreshing brunch menu that steers clear of gimmicks, Battello continues to trailblaze. 

Better Days 

This brand-new casual eatery and cocktail bar is perched on Newark Ave right above sister restaurant 143 Social (see above). It’s the perfect place to grab dinner before heading downstairs to the speakeasy bar, or it’s a spot to spend your whole night. Grab a few drinks to wash down your curry mussels, pork belly banh mi and duck confit poutine. Gabriel Rieben once again impresses with a well-rounded cocktail list that sees the likes of banana-spiked rum old fashioneds, mezcal sours and biscotti-flavored Manhattans. With plenty of vegan options and non-alcoholic cocktail choices, Better Days is the spot for your next night out—no matter who it’s with. 

Bread & Salt

This Heights-located bakery rose to fame because of its Roman-style pizzas, which are light and crisp with a square outfit and simple toppings to boot. However, Bread & Salt is about much more than just pizza, instead, it’s a culinary playground for Owner Rick Easton, who exemplifies what it means to cook simple and authentic food. All things considered, Bread & Salt’s commitment to seasonal items and a daily rotating menu makes it probably the most authentic Italian eatery in all of New Jersey—and that’s saying something. One day it’s slow-cooked pork ribs with cabbage and beans, the next day it’s fried bacalla with lemon. The surprise is part of the fun. Check their Instagram for daily specials and get there early: when they’re out, they’re out!

Cellar 335 

When Chef/Owner Jamie Knott opened Cellar 335 a decade ago, he brought a new concept to Jersey City and with it, a spark that inspired the growth of the JC dining scene that we know today. Along with Chef Chris Abbamondi, Cellar stays serving Pan-Asian bites like gaudy, flame-ridden pu-pu platters or continent-spanning staples like tikka meatballs and large-format braised pork shanks with bao buns and toppings to boot. With its garnish-heavy tiki cocktails and hip atmosphere in a sunken, street-side bar, Cellar 335 has never slowed down. It’s a place where your night can begin or end—it’s the one constant in a neighborhood that hasn’t stopped changing for the last ten years. 


One could argue that Corto is one of the restaurants that put JC Heights on the map in a culinary sense. Corto is led by Drew Buzzio, Marc Magliozzi, Chef Matt Moschella and Chef Rachel Dos Santos, this restaurant embraces the essence of “cucina povera” with its simple yet heartfelt Italian cuisine. The cozy BYO restaurant offers a curated ambiance with soft colors, natural light, and rustic charm. Guests can witness the culinary magic firsthand in the open kitchen, where fresh pasta is expertly crafted. The menu boasts seasonal delights alongside signature dishes like crunchy puntarelle salad, pancetta-infused pomodoro rigatoni, and the fiery angry chicken. In warmer weather, diners can savor their meal on Corto’s inviting back patio.

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Pasta-making magic at Corto in Jersey City | Photography by Peter Bonacci


At DomoDomo in Jersey City, Chef Brian Kim orchestrates a culinary experience that delights the senses. With a wealth of experience as a seasoned chef, Chef Kim crafts an impressive menu that will make sure your camera eats first. Guests are treated to upscale dining featuring exquisite creations that leave a lasting impression. From visually stunning presentations to mouthwatering flavors, Domo Domo offers a dining experience worth savoring and is known for more than just exquisite Hand Rolls. Domokase is DomoDomo’s unique take on Omakase, with a wide selection at an accessible price point.


A softly lit setting, some of the state’s best bartenders, and killer throwback Hip-Hop tracks make this cocktail bar one of Jersey City’s best. Dullboy’s menu features a delightful assortment of shareable plates and small bites, complemented by a carefully curated selection of natural wines and expertly crafted cocktails. On Sundays, patrons can indulge in large-format punch, fostering an intimate atmosphere perfect for shared enjoyment. Enhanced by the nostalgic decor (complete with vintage typewriters on the wall) Dullboy stands as one of the premier dining and drinking destinations in the state.


Rebecca Johnson and Rowen McDermott, co-owners of the establishment, bring their unique vision to life. McDermott, with roots in Sydney, infuses the essence of Australia into every aspect, from the Art Deco decor to the diverse selection of natural wines and an array of inspired dishes. Their endeavor reflects a genuine appreciation for Australian culture and cuisine. From savory meat pies to classic fish and chips and an unforgettable burger, Frankie delivers on flavor. The wine selection boasts natural wines sourced from various corners of the world, while the cocktail menu exudes a modern and trendy appeal. Service is consistently excellent, the decor is captivating, and above all, the cuisine is undeniably outstanding. 

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Photography by Sofia Tome

Hamilton Pork

There is a lot of food in Jersey City, but still, barbecue seems hard to come by. Not at Hamilton Pork, where the Texas-style barbecue is in abundance. In-house smoked beef ribs, brisket, pork belly, chicken and more fill the menu, but people come for the Tex-Mex bites just as much. Their birria comes slathered in-house BBQ sauce and crunchy pickled veggies with plenty of spicy broth for dipping. Pork belly burnt-end tacos, brisket quesadillas and a list of tasty sides fill the rest of the menu. Add in cold ranch waters (tequila with lime and soda), salt-rimmed margaritas and a few pints of local beers, and you have a little slice of Texas right outside Hamilton Park. 

Hank Schwartz’s Delicatessen

This Jewish deli makes nods to classics while simultaneously standing firmly in the modern culinary era. That’s exactly what Jason Stahl set out to do with this ghost-kitchen delicatessen which serves homemade lox, Jerusalem-style bagels, house-brined pastrami and an array of vegan specialties like plant-based lox and chopped “liver.” It’s deli food that doesn’t box you in—allowing Jersey City residents to have a taste of the old-school Jewish delis of the Northeast, while not excluding anyone’s dietary restrictions in the process. Moreover, Stahl’s food spans the globe, pulling inspiration from all over in what he calls a “diaspora-inspired menu.” 

Harry’s Daughter

Walk into Harry’s Daughter in Bergen-Lafayette and you are immediately hit with a lively atmosphere, defined by checkerboard floors and plenty of plant life. If that’s not enough to pull you in, the Caribbean fare and hip cocktail list sure will. Dine on smoky jerk chicken, slow-braised oxtails, fried snapper, plantains and mac n cheese while you sip on the house-favorite rum punch. Add a great happy hour to the mix, and you get what is easily one of Jersey City’s best restaurants. 

ITA Italian Kitchen

A neighborhood restaurant serving up simple, but impactful Italian food, tasteful wines and more? Sign us up. ITA Italian Kitchen has become a staple on Bergen Ave for killer pizzas,a variety of pastas, crispy fried squid and fun drinks like bold Super Tuscans and sangria pitchers studded with fresh fruit. House favorites include focaccia with meatballs, rigatoni bolognese, funghi pizza and the creamy tiramisu. 

Korai Kitchen

Korai Kitchen is Chef Nur-E Gulshan Rahman’s (AKA “Mama Rahman”) love letter to Bengladeshi cooking. Think slow-cooked goat stews with fresh, flaky paratha and full-flavored chicken roasts. The JC hot spot has been showered with accolades including a James Beard nomination for Mama Rahman for Best Chef in the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as write ups from Eater, the NY Times and more. With a focus on takeout and delivery, Korai Kitchen recently resumed dine-in availability on Friday and Saturdays only. We recommend the Sunday takeout special: Muri Ghonto, AKA a fish head and lentil stew that feeds two to three with ease. A list of Jersey City’s best is incomplete without this community staple. 

The Kitchen Step

Elevating brunch to an art form, Kitchen Step in Jersey City stands out as a top destination for weekend indulgence. Led by one of New Jersey’s top chefs, Ryan DePersio, dinner or brunch at this Van Vorst restaurant is exemplary of how far the city’s cuisine has come over the last decade. Among the favorites is their croissant French toast, a decadent creation featuring winter spiced berries and mascarpone whip. Whether you’re craving savory or sweet (or a craft cocktail), Kitchen Step’s diverse menus offer something to satisfy every palate. At The Kitchen Step, modern American with market-fresh inspiration is the name of the game. DePersio brings his innovative touch to classic American dishes, crafting flavorful interpretations that will have you coming back for more.


For 50 years, Laico’s has been serving its community with Italian-American staples in a cozy setting that looks straight out of a Scorcese film. It’s a restaurant leftover from Jersey City’s past—bridging a gap between the modern dining scene popular in the city and the trends of decades prior. Think steamed clams, chicken francese, Spiedini alla Romana and, of course, the famous chicken parm. It’s a red sauce joint through and through, serving as a portal into what dining in New Jersey once looked like. Smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood, with its exposed brick, stained-glass windows and mesmerizingly old school wait staff, Laico’s is a period piece of a restaurant. 

Low Fidelity

Low Fidelity (Lo-Fi) offers a diverse selection of Detroit-style pizza categorized into Red, White, Specialty, and Red Eye Pies (available during weekend brunch) as well as a unique cocktail program. Another JC Heights gem, Lo-Fi’s menu features the Motor City pizza, with pepperoni cups and hot honey, is a personal favorite for its simplicity. Standout options include the Aloha Satellite with guanciale, fermented pineapple, and Thai basil, or the Jersey Cosmonaut with pancetta, vodka sauce, and smoked mozzarella. With a range of delicious choices, Low Fidelity consistently delivers a satisfying dining experience.

Maddy Rose

Jersey City’s Liberty House is known for having one of the best restaurant views in the state. Now, with the opening of Maddy Rose, the latest culinary venture from Landmark Hospitality, it also has some of the best food, too. Taking a lot of inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant offers picturesque vistas of the Manhattan skyline and a sophisticated dining atmosphere adjacent to Liberty State Park. Complementing the exquisite fare is a formidable beverage program, catering to both leisurely sit-down meals and casual drinks and bites at the bar. Whether indulging in a full-course meal or seeking a relaxed rendezvous, Maddy Rose promises an elevated coastal-inspired menu full of diverse options.


Picture this: a French brasserie bathed in neon and exposed brick—crafted cocktails and the food to match the electric vibe. That’s what diners can expect at Jamie Knott’s Madame. Think toasted crostini with foie gras mousse and port jelly, cheesy gougeres, steak frites bathed in au poivre sauce and ham-stuffed chicken cordon bleu. Madame takes a timeless restaurant concept and Jersey-fies it with an intoxicating atmosphere and stellar execution. Forget Jersey City, it just might be the sexiest restaurant in the entire state. 

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Hand Cut Beef Tartare | Photo by Pete Bonacci

Maritime Parc

During patio season, Maritime Parc offers patrons the privilege of split-level waterfront vistas of the Hudson. Inside, diners can still enjoy equally stunning views from every table, albeit without the sea breeze. Inspired by its location at Liberty Landing Marina, the menu emphasizes coastal cuisine, reflecting the restaurant’s maritime surroundings. Executive Chef and Owner Chris Siversen crafts an enticing menu that celebrates the finest local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.

Jane Doe

This 21+ venue specializes in many things: fresh pasta, both classic and original cocktails, small plates and a varied library of vinyl ready to be played. The food pulls heavy inspiration from both Japanese and Italian cuisine while making steady stops at dozens of other cuisines during the process. Enjoy kimchi-spiced chorizo, meatball yakitori, bone marrow cacio e pepe and plenty of other creative dishes. It’s another one of those JC restaurants that can do it all. Whether it be a full dinner with friends, date night, or a few cocktails to cap the night, Jane Doe is reliably there. 

Mathew’s Food and Drink

Situated at the prime corner of Bay and Grove, the location at Mathew’s Food + Drink is unbeatable. Literally, owner Mat Kopec struck gold. Plus, this JC hotspot caters to all tastes. Whether you’re craving hot honey crispy chicken with fries and slaw, or black truffle cacio e pepe, there’s something for everyone. Made viral by viral looking cocktails with witty names like 80’s Glam and Fall in a Glass, there’s just something about this Charleston inspired trendy hotspot.


Chef Brian Kim puts his culinary poise on full display at Ondo (온도), located right on the Hudson River. The upscale Korean restaurant has become a genre-defining eatery for Jersey City diners, who are treated to chestnut-scented short ribs, spicy fried chicken and traditional Japchae—stir-fried glass noodles with mixed veggies. The menu takes inspiration from homestyle Korean cooking while venturing deep into the depths of Michelin-starred technique. Add impressive cocktails and a Korean spirits list, and you get a restaurant that is unlike anything else in the city. It’s a destination restaurant. Full stop. 


We couldn’t leave off what The New York Times Food Critic Pete Wells once called  “the best pizza in New York.” But that was many years ago and Razza has steadily climbed the ranks of the nation’s best pizza since then. You’ll find cleverly topped pies like the seasonal Jersey corn pie or the mainstay Guancia with salty pork jowl alongside menu staples like sourdough with cultured butter, marinated chickpeas, flame-roasted meatballs with ricotta, and crunchy, seasonal salads. Owner and Pizzamaster Dan Richer’s concept for Razza has always been to highlight top-notch ingredients with sheer simplicity. It hasn’t failed yet., making it one of the best restaurants in Jersey City.

Satis Bistro

Satis serves as a portal into the bistros lining the city streets of Europe with its perfectly executed dishes and defined cocktail list. Think handmade gnocchi with truffle cream, lemon and caper-bathed dover sole and crispy duck croquettes. For cocktails, you can’t go wrong with the house sangria or an Amaro Nonino and Aperol-laced Paper Plane. Tucked within a street lined with brownstone apartments, Satis is the next best thing to buying a plane ticket. It’s a true European-style cafe that has made a name for itself by serving reliable food without the fuss. 

Skinner’s Loft

When I think of restaurants in Jersey City, I think of Skinner’s Loft as a staple. This cozy gastropub spans three floors and has been around long before JC’s foodie scene started booming. Diners savor contemporary gastropub dishes from small plates to full meals, amidst the rustic ambiance and welcoming lighting. The rooftop terrace offers picturesque views of Newark Avenue, while the bar below boasts unique cocktails and a wide beer selection. Ideal for both casual nights out and sunny rooftop brunches, Skinner’s Loft seamlessly blends intimacy with comfort.

Sri Ganesh’s Dosa House

Jersey City has long been known as a hub for some of NJ’s best Indian restaurants. You can find bites originating from every corner of the country in JC. Sri Ganesh’s Dosa House specializes in a style of South Indian crepe made from ground, fermented lentils and rice. With close to 70 dosas on the menu, it can be daunting to choose, but we recommend a classic for your first visit: the masala dosa served with creamy coconut chutney and sambhar—a veggie stew that is limitless (no, really. You can keep refilling your cup). Sri Ganesh’s Dosa House has become so beloved that one Eater Editor called it “the best restaurant in the world” just last year. Hyperbolic? Maybe. Guess you’ll just have to try it yourself to find the truth. 

Sushi by Bou

Maybe you’ve been to Ani Ramen before and thought to yourself: “What’s behind that secret door?” Well, if your investigative bone got the best of you, then you would know that behind that doorway is Sushi by Bou—Jersey City’s own omakase. Sit around a bar and watch as sushi chefs prepare for you a dinner that goes one piece at a time. Chefs form nigiri with warm rice and fresh fish—handing it directly to you, allowing you to revel in the sushi at its absolute peak. Buttery hamachi, fatty tuna belly, miso cod and sliced scallop are just a few of the many courses you are treated to at Sushi by Bou. Add in a Suntory highball, and you have yourself a pretty stellar evening. 

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Taqueria Downtown

What once started as a taco truck in the early 2000s has evolved into brick and mortar pushing out some of Jersey City’s best Mexican food. For tacos, your choice of meat comes wrapped in fresh-griddled corn tortillas and showered in cilantro and onion, lime and salsa in abundance to anoint it with. Slow-cooked pork carnitas and air-dried cecina remain popular options, but the lamb barbacoa is a must-try for taco enthusiasts. Beyond tacos are hand-made tamales, tortas (sandwiches) and full plates like the Chuletas Verdes—pork chops slathered in tomatillo salsa. 

Bonus: brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. 

The Hutton

The Hutton, once a speakeasy during Prohibition, now thrives as a bar and restaurant. Retaining its historic charm with exposed brick and original bar elements, it offers a heated backyard for year-round dining. The menu honors its Irish pub roots with classics like codfish and chips and a rotating draft beer selection. Ambitious dinner options at this JC Heights staple include an Impossible burger with basil mayo, sweet potato tamale with avocado and salsa verde, and a creative fried chicken sandwich on naan bread. Brunch features indulgent delights like bourbon caramel French toast with raisins, cashews, and espresso gelato, showcasing The Hutton’s innovative culinary approach.

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