Vanuatu vs. Antigua Second Passport: Which One to Choose

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Wealthy people can always find an alternate airfield through the initiatives of various governments. Most are inclined to settle in tropical latitudes. Preference is given to the Caribbean region or the islands of Oceania. In such territories, there are programs that allow to exchange capital for civil status. Vladlena Baranova, an expert from Immigrant Invest, will talk about this in more detail.

Overview of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

The authorities of a small archipelago in the Pacific Ocean have developed a special scheme, thanks to which any person can become a full member of society. To do this, one must fulfill the requirements prescribed in the legislation. In order to get Vanuatu passport entrepreneurs need to allocate 130 000 dollars for the local development fund. Obtaining an identity card promises pros.

Key Benefits of Vanuatu’s Second Passport

A small country in the vastness of Oceania offers the possibility of naturalization. People who have managed to obtain Vanuatu citizenship by investment, receive:

  • visa-free travel to 95 countries; 
  • tax benefits; 
  • favorable tropical climate; 
  • obtaining a tourist visa to the U.S. for a long period of time; 
  • cooperation with international banks; 
  • opportunity to study at British universities; 
  • possibility of distance processing. 

As you can see, having the civil status of a small country guarantees real opportunities for self-realization and doing business. Even investment in real estate will pay off in a few years, as it will bring income from renting out the property or selling it at market price.

Processing Times and Application Procedures

Future members of Vanuatu will not have to visit the archipelago to obtain civil status. The entire process will not take more than one or two months to complete remotely. It is necessary to collect the required documents and undergo comprehensive checks for compliance with the law and transparency of capital acquisition. In order to obtain the passport of a tiny island nation in the Pacific Ocean, you can turn to the specialists of immigration agencies, such as Immigrant Invest.

Overview of Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program

The benefits of civil status provided by the Caribbean are also available to those who are willing to invest some of their capital. However, these territories are also famous for their favorable climate and picturesque nature, so potential members of society will not be ashamed to settle on the islands. For an example, let us consider the peculiarities of acquiring an Antigua second passport. In this area is quite an acceptable climate and excellent conditions for the realization of their own plans for the development of entrepreneurial activity. It is only important to study all the characteristics of the program.

Key Benefits of Antigua Second Passport

If you have decided to settle in the southern regions, you can take advantage of an interesting initiative called Antigua citizenship by investment. Holders of this identity card can benefit from several advantages:

  • unrestricted entry to 150 countries; 
  • ample business opportunities; 
  • optimal tax treatment; 
  • the opportunity to receive high quality education; 
  • excellent medical care.

However, it is important to fulfill the conditions of the Antigua citizenship program. Applicants are required to contribute $100,000 to a local development fund, spend $200,000 to purchase real estate, invest $1.5 million in business and donate $150,000 to education. However, it is important to realize that these are not all the expenses that a candidate for citizenship will face.

Processing Times and Application Procedures

In order to achieve a certain status, you do not need to live or visit the islands. You only need to contact a licensed agency that will help you gather all the paperwork and act as an intermediary with government agencies. After passing a check for transparency and lack of criminal record, the identity card can be obtained within one or two months after submitting all the required documents. Thus, it is possible to benefit from the civil status of another tiny island state in a short period of time through a simplified procedure with a small package of papers.

Final Comparison

In order to establish a position in the South Seas, it is sufficient to have the necessary financial instruments and a criminal record. Applicants are required to undergo a transparency check on capital acquisition. If all is well, the governments allow you to obtain a Vanuatu second passport or an identity card of the states in the Caribbean. Both schemes are quite similar, so each businessman can choose the preferred option and finance projects in a separate territory. In addition, a favorable climate, beautiful landscapes and developed infrastructure dispose to obtain civil status. Naturalization on such islands and doing business can be a real holiday for everyone. Study the features of the programs, and then contact a specialized company with a license for assistance, specialists will draw up all the papers, and you will become a full-fledged citizen.

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