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The phrase aging gracefully is hard to get on board with in this day and age. When every TV show, movie and advertisement puts an emphasis on youth it’s perfectly natural to try and stave off aging. If you’re looking for ways to do this without getting plastic surgery or a wholesale medical procedure then you have fewer options, however there are still ways to combat aging. They may not all be applicable to you, but here are a few health related things to try. Once you’ve settled into a routine, you might end up not only staving off physical aging, but in feeling better in yourself too.


Up Your Skin Regime


If you don’t have a skin regime, you could be missing an easy win. Simply taking the time in the morning and night to cleanse and apply anti-aging cream can make a huge difference. Your skin won’t appear dry, and will look more radiant. There are so many creams out there but it’s difficult to suggest one without knowing personal circumstances. It might be worth speaking to a dermatologist to ascertain which would be better for you in particular. Also, trial and error can be worthwhile in finding what works for you. Try a range of creams, not just the expensive ones either – try creams from the whole spectrum.


Cut Bad Habits


Bad habits are bad for aging. Take smoking for example. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to narrow, reducing oxygen flow and the amount of nutrients that get to skin cells. The result is an aged and off color skin palette. Alcohol causes the skin to dehydrate, when the skin is dry it wrinkles a lot faster. Those are two bad habits you should look to cut. With alcohol, you might not need to cut it entirely, just in excess. Again, everyone is different.


Cutting bad habits can be hard. They’re called habits for a reason. But, if you want to make a difference and try to slow down the aging process they can be a quick and easy win that aren’t going to cost you money. In fact, they’ll end up saving you money.


Anti Aging Supplements Can Work Wonders


Aging supplements can be hit and miss, it all depends on whether or not you’ve done your research beforehand. You need to ensure you use a supplement with NMN present. NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide and has been proven to prevent age-linked changes in gene expression and is thought to increase longevity and help immunity. If you’re going to use anti-aging supplements you should endeavor to ensure that they contain NMN, which is already naturally occurring in the body…it just decreases with age. If you can increase that through supplements, you’ll increase your cellular NAD levels and as a result, potentially slow the aging process.


There are a few supplements to choose from so again, you need to do some research and check the ingredients but when making a decision it’s worth trying to pick something that helps your body help itself, rather than something more aggressive.


Exercise The Face


Exercise is, of course, brilliant in the fight against aging. But when was the last time you exercised your face? Exercising your facial muscles is really important in the fight against aging, especially if you’re worried about your face. Muscle in the face pulls the skin tight and helps stop sagging, so add it into your daily routine. A little bit of facial stretching in the morning and in the evening can do wonders for the way you look.

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