What Are Wagering Requirements and How Can You Beat Them?

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Many players sign up for a casino game without carefully reading the terms and conditions that apply to such a decision. These terms usually state the wagering requirements when it comes to using bonuses and free turns.

It’s a mistake to overlook these since they can affect how you can withdraw the funds that you’ve made by using bonuses. Sometimes you won’t be able to withdraw the funds until you’ve won a certain amount with your deposits. In other cases, you won’t be able to withdraw the amount that was a free bonus at all.

What’s a Wager?


What is online casino wagering, a wager means a bet that’s made with your own deposit, rather than with the money you’ve gotten from a bonus.  The amount you need to bet when using your own money is determined by the casino.

The purpose of this requirement is for the player to invest some of their own funds rather than playing for the bonuses alone. The bonuses therefore help and add to your funds but aren’t the only funds you have at your disposal. They are not- in fact, free.

What Are Bonuses?


Bonuses are offered by the casino as a way of promoting the game and helping new players get introduced to it. They come in the form of free spins or sometimes in the form of actual deposits on your account. These can be assigned randomly or to a new player in particular.

The bonuses can also be used to reward those that have been with the casino for a long time and they are usually awarded based on how often you log in and play, regardless of how much money you spend in the process.

What’s The Purpose of Requirement?


The main purpose of the wagering requirement is in the fact that bonuses are actually free money. Since it’s not beneficial to the casino to award free money to the players and to allow them to simply withdraw it from the account, the wagering requirements are put in place to make sure the players add their own funds to the wallet.

The amount you need to add depends on how big the bonus is and in what form it was awarded to you.  For the most part, the goal is for the player to spend more than they’ve got for free.

Depositing Money to Get a Bonus


In some cases, a wagering requirement will be in the fact that you need to add money to your account to get a bonus in the first place. The funds can only be withdrawn when you’ve added some funds of your own.

It’s also not allowed to bet with the bonus unless you’ve added some funds of your own as well.  This isn’t the most common method, but it’s still used by some casinos that include a few big-name establishments as well.

How Hard the Requirements Can Be?


This depends on both the casino and the game and that’s why it’s important that you explore it before actually using the services of a casino. That way you can be sure that you can actually take advantage of the bonus system and not just double down on the deposits you need to spend.

For instance, if a casino has an X20 requirement, that means that you need to win 20 times what you’ve got from the bonus in order to be able to withdraw it. That would be way too much and therefore not worth it.

Compare Different Practices

There are a lot of sites out there that compare the rules with different casinos and that allow you to contrast them. This means that you can easily figure out what is the norm in your area or in the casinos that you want to use. It will give you a chance to rank the casinos and choose the ones that suit you.

Most players are surprised by the differences and there are a few casinos that stick out when it comes to how complex their requirements are. It’s best to stay clear of those.

When to Give Up?

Some players feel it’s wrong to pass up on a bonus and not to use the free money that the casino has provided for you. There’s something to think about in this term since that’s what the bonuses are, at least that’s what they seem to be.

However, if the wagering requirements are too high that can mean that you need to wager way too much of your own funds into the account before you can use the bonus. In some cases, that defeats the purpose of a bonus and it can also mean that it’s not really a bonus. That’s where you should give up on it.

To Sum Up

Wagering requirements are set up by the casino to make bonuses financially profitable for them. The bonus is a gift provided by the casino and it’s used to motivate new and loyal players. However, you can’t withdraw the funds until you’ve spent a set amount of your own money.

It’s important that a player is familiar with this and that they know how much they need to bet before they are able to withdraw in the first place. That way they can determine if the bonus is worth using or not since sometimes it just isn’t.

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