Why are So Many People Moving to Arizona?

by Staff

Arizona is a beautiful area. With open deserts, mountainous forests, and hot springs to explore, it’s not hard to see why many people move there every year. But what can you do in Arizona that you couldn’t do elsewhere? The top states moving to Arizona include California, Washington state, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, and Oregon because Arizona is a beautiful area that has something to offer everyone.

In this post, we provide an overview of just some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to relocate their lives to Arizona:


1. Cost of living

The cost of living in Arizona is low compared to many other states. This makes it far more affordable for people to live and raise a family. Better yet, housing costs are also much lower than what you’d find in other more expensive areas such as California, Texas, Washington state, and Virginia.

For example, Tucson, the largest city in Arizona, is less than half the cost of Phoenix, Arizona’s largest city. Cities in Arizona offer both a low cost of living and reasonable housing costs. This makes it particularly attractive to both families and retirees.

This city, like Scottsdale, is among the fastest growing in the country. In fact, over the last three years, Scottsdale real estate has consistently ranked among the top five hottest housing prices. Another advantage of investing in this city is that it has lower living costs and higher living standards than most other cities, including California and New York.


2. Business Migration to Arizona and why

Businesses are moving to Arizona from all over the US because of its excellent tax policy. The Department of Commerce ranked Arizona as having the best business climate in the country for over a decade. The mining, energy, and renewable energy sectors have been particularly well received.

For instance, Arizona is already home to more solar-powered homes than any other state. Arizona is an excellent choice for new business and the tax breaks that come with it. The great business migration to Arizona has been attributed to the following factors:


a. Business Climate

The state’s tax policy is excellent. Arizona has lowered taxes over the past decade, including their businesses, with no additional tariffs imposed on their employees or the taxpayer’s benefit. This means that the cost of doing business in Arizona is more affordable than in other states with higher taxes.


b. Infrastructure

Arizona is well-positioned to access other parts of the country and the world as the westernmost state. It has excellent access to both coasts and Mexico, which adds another logistical advantage. The southern and western portions of the state are close to sizeable worldwide transportation networks and ports.

At present, there is a need for more US manufacturing facilities in Arizona, making them an attractive location for companies that have outgrown their old facilities.


c. Business policies

Arizona is a right-to-work state, which means that they have some of the country’s most business-friendly policies. It’s not only a right-to-work state; Arizona has no statewide minimum wage and no mandatory overtime. All of these factors contribute to its high ranking as a business destination.

Arizona is far more appealing than Scottsdale real estate, which is an expensive state in which to relocate and start a business, with numerous taxes, stringent requirements, and regulations. Every day, more businesses move in.


d. Friendly Living

Arizona is a very friendly place to live. Arizona has been named one of the 10 best states in America in which to retire. Not only is it a great state for retirees, but it’s also a good place to raise children. Many schools are excellent in Arizona, allowing students to get a great education and prepare well for college.

Many colleges, universities, and professional schools provide high-quality education within easy reach of those living in California, Washington state, and Texas.


e. Business Opportunities

Arizona’s excellent business environment is attracting many businesses that have outgrown their previous facilities and need a move to a new location. This makes Arizona an attractive and growing choice for firms looking to relocate.

In addition, companies looking to expand their operations in the country can look forward to greater business success in the state, with its low cost of living and powerful tax incentives.


3. Tax comparison

Arizona has a low tax rate, so living costs are lower than in many other states. According to the Tax Foundation, Arizona’s state and local tax burden is composed of a 4.90% corporate income tax rate, a 5.60% state sales tax rate, a maximum local sales tax rate of 5.60%, and an 8.40% combined state and local sales tax rate as of July 1, 2021.

Unlike other states such as California that are trying to collect additional taxes from their taxpayers, which makes them less attractive for relocation and new businesses, Arizona has kept its tax burden low.

For instance, in California, business owners are taxed on their income; there is no such thing as a corporate tax in California or a state income tax. This leads to higher taxes and higher costs of living than in Arizona.

Another example is Texas, where there are no death or inheritance taxes, and the state income tax is lower than in California or Arizona. For example, the Texas state income tax rate is 0.00% for up to $10,000 taxable income.

This means that for income in excess of $10,000, the 0.00% tax rate is also applied to that portion. In contrast, California taxes income as high as 13.3%, with a top rate of 13.3%.


4. Family and community

Arizona is a family-friendly state, and it has affordable housing. There are also many excellent schools in the area with low teacher-to-student ratios and good test scores. Arizona is also a great place for recreation, culture, and community. This means that seniors have many opportunities to stay active and engaged.


5. Environment

Arizona has many excellent parks and monuments to visit, making it a great place to have fun and get out of the city. Arizona also offers many different recreation activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and even skiing in the winter.

There are also beautiful desert landscapes full of arid beauty in Arizona, making it an enjoyable place to visit even when the weather isn’t ideal outside. There are also many local festivals and fairs held in different parts of Arizona, allowing to meet new people and socialize with old ones.


6. Retirement

Arizona has many attractions for retirees, such as the Grand Canyon National Park, Flagstaff, and Sedona. There’s also an abundance of opportunities for retirees to live on their terms with all sorts of independent living opportunities, which makes it a great place for seniors.

This makes Arizona an attractive option for those living in more expensive states such as California who want warmer weather without the high cost of living.


7. Weather

Arizona is known for its monsoon season, which occurs between July and August, though small storms sometimes happen in May and June. This makes Arizona a great place to go in the winter or spring.

The climate is hot and dry during the summer, though it’s still ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, climbing, and sightseeing. Arizona winters can get very cold and snowy, so people should be sure to dress properly and bring warm clothing in the winter.



Arizona is an excellent choice for business and personal relocation. It has a low cost of living, and it’s a safe, friendly, and family-friendly place to live. If you’re looking for an ideal place to move to or start a new business, you should certainly consider Arizona a great place to live and do business.

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