New Jersey – why is the state a nationwide front-runner for online casino play?

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 There are many reasons to love living in New Jersey. The people are second to none, while the New Jersey Devils make sports in the region thrilling to follow. Of course, there is also lots to stay entertained with – Bradley Beach cinema was recently saved by local residents and makes a great place to catch a movie on Jersey Shore. There are also plenty of fabulous bars and restaurants to enjoy around the state.

One thing that really makes it stand out from other states around the USA in terms of entertainment is NJ’s attitude to sports betting and online casino play. The trailblazing role the state had in sports betting being made legal in the US is well known, and the historic US Supreme Court Ruling in 2018 was largely due to pressure from state politicians. Following this, New Jersey set the tone for others to follow by making sports betting legal offline and online within its borders.

Just as important to people in the state, though, has been the relaxed and inclusive attitude that politicians have taken with regard to online casino gaming. This has set a similarly pioneering tone and helped online casino play to become legal in other US states over time.

But why is New Jersey such a frontrunner nationally when it comes to online casino gaming in America?

 History is on Jersey’s side

 The simple fact is that the state has a long association with gambling in general, which has always marked it out as a leader in the sector nationally. Atlantic City, for example, is still known as the ‘Las Vegas of the Eastbecause of the many brick-and-mortar casinos it has to play at. Over time, though, increased competition from neighboring states hit the revenue flow from physical casinos and forced state governors to contemplate a new plan.

Online gambling was what they came up with, in a bid to save the ailing casino sector in Atlantic City and bring more revenue into the state. In February 2013, state officials passed a law that saw the first physical casinos in Atlantic City licensed to offer online casino games to players. This law also made it possible for online casino platforms to operate across the whole of Jersey. This was a bold move by state officials and marked them as real pioneers for online casino gaming nationally. The state has retained this leading position over time and remains at the head of the pack to this day.

Lots of cool casinos to play at

 Another reason New Jersey is such a frontrunner on a national scale for online gambling is the number of internet casinos it has to offer. This makes finding top NJ online casinos such as: pretty easy and you will certainly not be short of choice! NJ online casinos are known for having awesome bonuses and games too, which helps make them the best to play at in the USA. It definitely puts them ahead of some other US states that either have less choice in terms of where to play or have not yet legalized online casino gaming at all.

Leading state for safe casino play

New Jersey is also a state that ensures people can play casino games online safely and with total peace of mind. This is not always true of other states, where people still have to use offshore platforms that might not be properly regulated or secure. By setting up the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the state is able to fully license and monitor any online casino operating within its borders. This puts them in a leading position nationally for safe online casino play and explains why they are seen as the benchmark for other states in this area.

 NJ is the state others look to for online casino and betting news

 There really is no doubt that New Jersey is the premier state in the USA for both sports betting and online casino play. Much of this is down to its historical importance in both sectors and also its revolutionary recent exploits concerning online gambling and sports betting. Of course, New Jersey’s online casino revenue figures and sports betting handle stats also puts them at the top of the pile and on the radar of other states. When you combine all of these factors, it is clear to see why Jersey is such a big player nationally.

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