Your Guide to Wine Touring in Chile

by Staff

Chile has been producing some of the finest wine ever since Spanish conquistadors first set foot on the country in the 16th century. Chilean wines are considered the finest New World wines along with Californian wines.

Today Chile, with its diverse climate and fertile valleys, has become a premier destination for wine enthusiasts. 

With its beautiful lakes, snow-capped volcanoes, and picturesque vineyards, a wine tour in Chile offers a blend of scenic beauty, rich history, and exceptional tasting experiences. Here’s your comprehensive guide to exploring the best of Chilean wine country.

1. Understanding Chilean Wine Regions

Central Valley

The Central Valley is Chile’s most famous wine-producing region, encompassing several sub-regions, including Maipo Valley, Rapel Valley, and Curicó Valley. Known for producing robust reds, especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère, this region is a must-visit for wine lovers.

Casablanca Valley

Located between Santiago and Valparaíso, Casablanca Valley is celebrated for its cool-climate wines. The region is renowned for its crisp Sauvignon Blanc and elegant Chardonnay. The valley’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides a unique microclimate ideal for these varietals.

Colchagua Valley

Colchagua Valley, part of the larger Rapel Valley, is another top destination for wine enthusiasts. Famous for its full-bodied reds like Syrah and Malbec, this valley boasts numerous award-winning wineries. The scenic landscapes and excellent wines make it a popular spot for tourists.

Aconcagua Valley

North of Santiago, Aconcagua Valley is known for its diverse terroir, producing both red and white wines. The valley is divided into two sub-regions: Panquehue and Casablanca. While Panquehue is known for its powerful reds, Casablanca is celebrated for its whites.

2. Planning Your Wine Tour

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Chilean wine country is during the harvest season, from late February to April. This period offers a chance to witness the winemaking process and participate in grape-picking activities. The weather is also pleasant, making it ideal for vineyard tours.


Renting a car is a convenient way to explore the wine regions at your own pace. Alternatively, many tour operators offer guided wine tours with transportation included, allowing you to relax and enjoy the tastings without worrying about driving.

However, the best way to explore Chile’s wine regions is on a bicycle. Consider booking a tour with a good Chile bike tour operator such as this one to really make this experience special. These bike tours are specially designed to include stays at luxury properties and the company of an expert local guide.

Booking Winery Visits

Many wineries require advance bookings for tours and tastings, especially the more popular ones. It’s advisable to plan your itinerary and make reservations ahead of time. Some wineries also offer lunch and dining experiences, which should be booked in advance. However, if you’re doing a luxury bike tour, it’s likely that you may be accommodated on the winery itself.

3. Top Wineries to Visit

Concha y Toro

As one of Chile’s largest and most famous wineries, Concha y Toro offers an extensive range of wines and a rich history. Located in Maipo Valley, the winery provides guided tours that include a visit to the legendary Casillero del Diablo cellar.

Viña Santa Rita

Also located in Maipo Valley, Viña Santa Rita is known for its award-winning wines and beautiful estate. The winery offers various tour packages, including tastings, vineyard tours, and a visit to the Andean Museum on the property.

Viña Montes

In Colchagua Valley, Viña Montes is a must-visit for its breathtaking vineyard views and innovative winemaking techniques. The winery’s iconic Angels Tour offers a comprehensive experience, including a scenic drive through the vineyards and a tasting of their premium wines.

Viña Emiliana

For those interested in organic and biodynamic wines, Viña Emiliana in Casablanca Valley is a top choice. The winery focuses on sustainable practices and offers tours that showcase their eco-friendly approach to winemaking.

4. Enhancing Your Wine Tour Experience

Wine Tastings and Pairings

Participate in guided tastings to learn about the characteristics of different varietals and how to properly taste wine. Many wineries offer wine and food pairings, allowing you to experience the perfect match of local cuisine with their wines.

Cooking Classes

Some wineries and tour operators offer cooking classes, where you can learn to prepare traditional Chilean dishes. These classes often include wine pairings, enhancing your understanding of how local flavors complement the wines.

Exploring Local Culture

Take time to explore the local culture and history. Visit nearby towns and cities, such as Santiago and Valparaíso, to experience Chile’s vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and historical sites.

5. Practical Tips for Wine Touring

Stay Hydrated

Wine tastings can be dehydrating, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will also help you pace yourself and enjoy each tasting more thoroughly.

Dress Comfortably

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as winery tours often involve walking through vineyards and cellars. Bring a hat and sunscreen if you’re visiting during the warmer months.

Buy Souvenirs

Many wineries offer their wines for sale at the end of the tour. Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase bottles that may not be available in your home country.

Final Thoughts

Wine touring in Chile is an unforgettable experience that combines stunning landscapes, world-class wines, and rich cultural heritage. 

With careful planning and an open mind, you can savor the best of what Chilean wine country has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Chile’s diverse wine regions promise a memorable adventure. Cheers to your next wine tour in Chile!

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