Kick it Up a Notch at RushCycling in Hoboken

by Michael Scivoli

Kick it Up a Notch at RushCycling in Hoboken

As an avid runner and weightlifter, it’s not common that other workouts catch my attention — especially spinning. I’ve always thought of spinning as a stationary workout, but after popping into RushCycling in Hoboken and talking with owners and brothers Gary and Bruce Goodrich, it was clear that Rush was no ordinary spin studio. What really caught my eye as I walked over to a bike is that it pivoted from side to side. Traditional spinning classes are meant to be only a cardio workout, but having to steady yourself on a bike that can actually tilt adds a whole new dynamic. As for the instructor, she did more than just guide the class — she was electric. She created an atmosphere that pushed the class to their limits. Her attitude made me want to jump on a bike in my slacks.


Gary, who has worked as a spin instructor in California for many years, and Bruce wanted to put their own “spin” on spinning when they opened RushCycling. Their studio is home to the RealRyder, a bike that is meant to duplicate riding on the road. What does this mean for the rider? It means you’re getting a complete workout: upper body, lower body, cardio. The Goodrich brothers made it clear that unlike traditional spin bikes, the RealRyder definitely mimics an outdoor ride. In some of their classes, instructors even have everybody get off the bikes and use weights to do strength training (that scored big points with me!). But don’t be intimidated — anyone from a world class cyclist to your grandmother can get a good, safe workout in these classes.


RushCycling is located on the 3rd floor of the Pilsener Haus at 1422 Grand Street in Hoboken. A good way to get started is to try a 1 week unlimited package for just $30, which allows you to take an unlimited amount of classes during your first week. They also feature a MommyRush class which offers moms complimentary childcare for their kids while they ride. Remember to wear flat bottom stiff soled athletic shoes if you don’t have cleat bike shoes.


Check out their schedule and reserve your spot online here. Come take cycling to the next level at RushCycling!

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