Allentown’s 2nd Annual Daffodil Days Festival

by Peter Candia
Daffodil Days Festival

Warm weather is creeping up and that can only mean one thing: Spring is upon us. One of Spring’s greatest gifts is a plethora of blooming plant life. There are plenty of beautiful examples of botany to see in the Spring—cherry blossoms begin to crown tree-lined roads and  hydrangeas burst into seas of blue, but there might not be a flower more alluring than the daffodil in the early days of Spring. In Allentown, NJ, the daffodil becomes the centerpiece for a celebration of the flowering season. 

From March 25 to April 2, the city of Allentown will host its Daffodil Days Festival. At the helm of The Allentown Village Initiative (TAVI), a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose focus is on local history education and preservation, natural resource protection, economic development, and the arts and culture, the festival will feature 5,000 volunteer-planted flowers around the town, a parade, boutique shops and much more. 

TAVI aims to create a beautiful event highlighting the historical intricacies of Allentown and New Jersey as a whole. King Alfred Daffodil—considered the apex of yellow daffodils—can be found alongside other daffodil types in Allentown’s Sensi Park. 

Allentown, NJ

Across the street from the park is the Old Mill, where the festival’s evening event occurs: The Welcome Spring Gala. The Gala is set to bring festival goers an elegant night filled with refreshments and music by the McAllister Trio. 

In addition to the Gala, the week of flowers will feature events suited for all ages. Chocolate making, walking tours through Allentown’s Heritage Park, Easter activities and more can be found at Allentown’s Daffodil Days Festival. 

Of course, local restaurants, merchants and crafters will be present to bring the town’s greatest products directly to you. 

This will be the town’s second annual iteration of the festival. Allentown, NJ is a small town with under 2,000 residents, but its Daffodil Day Festival presents something much larger. The humble community opens its doors to lovers of Spring to breathe in the flowers as soon as they begin to bloom. Thanks to TAVI and the volunteers who planted the 5,000 flowers, Allentown can put on a show that displays both the beauty of the Spring season and the history of such a culturally rich town. 

The 2nd Annual Daffodil Days Festival kicks off with a parade at 12 p.m. on Saturday, March 25 and with activities running through April 2. 


Additional Things to Do at Daffodil Days Festival 

March 30, 10 a.m.: Storytime at the Allentown Public Library 

March 31, 4-7 p.m.: Daffodil Dinner at Woody’s Towne Café 

April 1, 11:45 a.m.-2:30 p.m.: Easter Bunny Meet and Greet with music by the Allentown High School Jazz Ensemble.

April 2, 6 p.m.: TLC Sound Bath—Learn the art of deep relaxation and take a journey through sleep aided by healing sounds. A proven method to relieve stress and more.

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