Choc O Pain Hoboken, A Little Taste of Of France

by Staff

By Ashley Kromrey

The Digest spent our lunchtime in France, or so it seemed, visiting Choc O Pain Hoboken. During our dining experience, we happily munched on some of their signature dishes.

We started our meal with a lentil salad with free range egg, french green lentils, cooked with herbs and mushrooms, served alongside a small bed of deep rich crisp salad greens. A good-portioned start. It was followed by a creamy thick vegan roasted cauliflower soup, with a dipping baguette of course.


For our main dish we sampled two decadent sandwiches. The Jambon Emmental baguette consisted of ham and swiss on a homemade baguette, double sided with butter and tucked inside a paper wrap. The Vegan Nicois sandwich sat between a medley of chickpeas, green beans, tomato and basil, onions and red peppers. It was a full-flavored vegan sandwich which surprisingly tasted like Bruschetta. It was the first time for us, also eating string beans between bread, which was surprisingly a nice touch, c’est magnifique!


Dessert, which we won’t deny we were looking forward to, was quite the selection. The chocolate ganache tarte did not disappoint. It was flaky and dressed with ample amounts of almonds sprinkled inside and out, and enough to share.  A Choc O Pain Aux Amandes was a chocolate croissant with almond creme, rich in flavor yet light. All Choc O Pain croissants are made with 86 percent vermont butter. Their pastries “viennoiseries” and “tartes” are light and flaky. We topped our dessert off with a delicious coffee from La Colombe Torrefaction.


Established in January 2012, Choc O Pain (french for baguette), bakes everything fresh daily using a sourdough base. Our dining experience made for a nice, light, well-rounded meal. And to that we say mercibeaucoup!

Choc O Pain Hoboken is located at 157 First Street in Hoboken NJ. (201) 710-5175.

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