Graze and Braise Introduces Fall 2018 Menu

by Michael Scivoli

I’ve been raving about Ayaz Adiguzelli’s paleo meal prep ever since he made his first delivery a couple years back (read the original story here). And if we’re keeping tabs, The Digest originally fell in love with his cooking when the business was a mere lunch service working out of a small Jersey City kitchen. Today, Graze and Braise is expanding beyond just its Hudson County beginnings, from all the way up to Edgewater and down to Short Hills (and everywhere in between).

I personally like to cook most of my own food but with a busier than usual 2018 with our sister publication VUE Magazine, I’ve even become a regular Graze and Braise customer myself. Not just because the food is down right flavorful, but because Graze and Braise is as dietary conscious as anyone in the industry. Being someone with a bad dairy and gluten intolerance most of my life, it’s hard to find meal prep services (or even restaurants for that matter) that can give you more than a few bland options to choose from. Graze and Braise just makes sense for me, and I gather that’s why so many others have responded positively to the service. I’ve spent time with Adiguzelli and seen him cook in his own home, and there’s just a certain level of care and craft that goes into his product that you don’t see in many other meal prep services – it’s simply in a class all its own. (For those unfamiliar with the popular Paleo trend, Graze and Braise uses only the highest quality ingredients that uphold to “Paleolithic” dietary standards—lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and small amounts of carbohydrates.)

Sesame Orange Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

Now with the addition of Graze and Braise’s 2018 Fall Menu, they’ve added another notch on their proverbial belt as their meals are now certified Whole30 approved. Whole30 itself is a recent trend in the health and wellness space that focuses on eating whole foods and eliminating things like sugar, alcohol, dairy and soy. So if you’re planning on taking the Whole30 plunge, you won’t have to give up your meal prep and spend those extra hours in the kitchen.

The newest fall menu from Graze and Braise packs a tasty punch with, my favorite, Sloppy Joe and Mashed Yams. The dish is made with grass-fed beef, peppercorn, onions, garlic, bell peppers, among other things like coconut cream, which will leave you wondering why you haven’t’ always used coconut cream in your mash yams all your life. Another of my go-to’s is the Pulled Chicken in BBQ Sauce and Ginger Smashed Plantains. Being a huge plantain fan, this meal is on my menu every week. One might think the flavors (ginger and BBQ) together in such a tight space would be over bearing, but as with everything on the Graze and Braise menu, the combination plays off one another perfectly.

Sloppy Joe and Mashed Yams

In addition, there are a couple items on the menu that do not include meat and have a good amount of carbs (which is a good thing as it can be hard to get carbs from paleo meals which are traditionally high in protein and fat). Of these is the Mushroom Burger Patty and Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Ketchup, which gives you all the delights of eating a burger but the mushroom patty brings out some hearty fall flavors. For the rest, simply visit their Fall Menu here – which lists all ingredients/spices in addition to nutrition facts.

Currently, Graze and Braise is offering delivery service all over Hudson County and more. Including to Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, West New York, Union City and Bayonne for either five- or seven-day meal plans. To order or explore more, visit their website.

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