How to Make Your Family’s Summer Vacation Extra Memorable

by Staff

How to Make Your Family’s Summer Vacation Extra Memorable

By Trevor McDonald

With summer vacation right around the corner, it’s no surprise that families left and right are brainstorming their plans. But enjoying a vacation to the fullest really depends on how we prepare for it! This is how to make your family’s next summer vacation extra memorable and one that will go down in the books:

Create an itinerary together

Planning is one of the most fun parts of a trip, and creating an itinerary with the entire family in mind makes everyone that much more excited and hyped to travel. Itineraries also prevent you from wasting precious time that could be spent enjoying your vacation instead. Plus, diligently following a schedule enables you to cross off every single thing on your bucket list within a certain time span.

Let the kids choose places to visit too. You can take the opportunity here to educate them about a destination and discover what they wish to do. Going on a tropical getaway? Maybe your child is open to taking a nature hike, in addition to relaxing on the beach!

Stay on top of organization

The last thing anyone wants to think about on vacation is whether or not they lost a valuable item or accidentally left something at home. This just creates unnecessary stress! To combat this scenario, create a list of everything that will be brought on vacation and pack accordingly  a few days before the trip.

Being organized also applies to the mode of transportation, such as a car for a road trip. Pre-organize your vehicle beforehand by clearing out the trunk and intentionally placing items on the side of seats that fulfill the needs of a passenger, such as giving your partner a blanket and pillow so that they can feel comfortable in the front seat or providing entertainment in the form of toys and snacks for the young kids. By doing so, you ultimately maximize the space and keep everyone happy so that each person can just sit back and relax.

Establish a vacation tradition

If you don’t have a vacation tradition, you should initiate one now! Traditions are not only fun to partake in, but they strengthen the bond you have with your family and encourage your children to continue having traditions with their families and loved ones in the future as well. Examples of vacation traditions include buying souvenirs from touristy gift shops, taking pictures in front of welcome signs or specific attractions, pulling a certain pose or funny face in one family photo, or even eating in one cool restaurant at every new destination.

Make the lulls in travel time pleasant for everyone

Travel time can feel tedious at times, especially when you must travel for hours at a time. Despite the fact, no matter your method of travel, you can make the time easier and enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to be silly and play classic travel games such as I Spy or 20 Questions – the age of participants don’t matter! On the other hand, you can use this travel time as an opportunity to catch up with every family member and learn about what’s going on in their lives. Perhaps you have a teenager who is involved in multiple extra-curricular activities and has an active social life, this is your chance to ask them to share that part of their life with you.

Have everyone take it easy on the technology use

We live in an age that thrives on technology and people are behind their smartphones and laptops every day. While not necessarily a bad thing, technology can disconnect you from experiencing the present moment. Therefore, resist pulling out your phone and encourage your partner and children to do the same. Instead of scrolling through your feed or telling people about your vacation on social media, actually take the time to experience and appreciate your trip.

Summer vacations with the family are the most wonderful times of the year. The next chance you have to plan a summer vacation trip with yours, remember these following tips. This way, you can have extra memorable vacations every summer.

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