Reasons Why You Need To Use A Rowing Machine

by Tom Lavecchia

The new normal we have been forced to live in for the past year has made huge changes to our daily habits. Many of the individuals who were never fond of making much movement on a day-to-day basis have found themselves inclined to look at life from another perspective and care more about their health.

With access to gyms being limited, a lot of people shifted their attention to making their own mini gyms at home. There are a variety of machines that come to mind when people think of buying home exercise equipment, yet rowing machines may not be among these highly thought-of equipments because many people won’t think rowing machines are of high importance.

In spite of that, we beg to differ. Here are reasons why you should consider buying and/or using a rowing machine if you go to the gym.

It Helps You Work Your Whole Body

You won’t believe it as we did not too, but the rowing machine gives you a complete body workout. The use of this equipment can give you the benefit of the HIIT workouts as well. Great benefits from low-key gym equipment, right?

Up To Your Own Pace

Just like with treadmills, you can adjust the speed of the rowing machine to be aligned with your needs and power. The adjustability of the rowing machine is a huge benefit as the equipment does not make matters hard for you or too difficult to keep up with.

Still, do not go hard on yourself when you start champ. Take the adjustments one step at a time and don’t pick a very high resistance at the beginning since you can increase the resistance gradually as you get used to the equipment.

Tone Your Legs

The beauty of a rowing machine lies in the fact that it’s said to work with all parts of the body at once. Adding that special exercise at the end of your gym class to tone your legs won’t be needed anymore because the rowing machine does just that without needing to focus on that aim in particular.

Good On The Knee

If you do not suffer from an existing knee condition or an injury that specifically requires you to take activities that are easy on your knees, then rowing machines will do you a favor.

Rowing machines are actually good for your knees because the time spent exercising with this equipment makes the knees stronger, especially with frequent use. The team behind For Knees explained that these machines will help you to equally use all your leg and back muscles which eases the load off of your knees compared to other forms of exercises or types of machines that merely focus on the knees, making them sore subject to inflammations and injuries.

Mental Health Benefits Included

We all know by now that exercise is good for the body. What most of us do not know or tend to forget is how the activity is beneficial for our mental health as well.

In such situations similar to when we are forced to stay at home for long periods of time, that has definitely affected us in many ways and exercising relatively helped us clear our mind from worrying too much.

Age Is Really Just A Number When It Comes To Rowing

Because of its low-impact nature, there is no age limit when using rowing machines. As we said in the beginning, the equipment is totally adjustable, and even a senior can use the rowing machine and adjust the resistance to their preference and physical ability. With time, their muscles will grow stronger and will likely find in using rowing machines the light fun activity they have been looking for in most gym equipment.

Many Types To Choose From

There are many models and types of rowing machines that you can choose from if you are thinking of buying one for your house. Some of these models are designed to be folded and stored under your bed, and others can be used outdoors if you have a small garden that you would like to exercise in.

Fresher Instagram Pictures

Haven’t you got tired of people posting pictures of their treadmill just before they get on it and start exercising? We did too, and you would be one of the very few people to post pictures of a rowing machine. You could also be the one starting a new trend that many people will follow and benefit from as well.

Getting yourself to do something physical has never been an easy thing to do. However, the benefits of doing an exercise are countless, and beneficial things are usually the ones worth the pain. Finding yourself a machine that can make the time for exercise more fun will help you maintain the habit of exercising in the long run and making sure you stick to it.

We have all been in the place where we promised ourselves we would start exercising every single day only to find that we are back to our old habits. The reason for this behavior is partial because we never manage to make exercise time rather fun and challenging at the same time. That said, we think that a rowing machine might add these two qualities to your exercise time.

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