The Most Popular Super Bowl Snack in NJ?

by Luke Garcia
most popular super bowl snack nj

Buffalo wings are a beloved Super Bowl food, but it’s a spinoff of that which takes the title of most popular Super Bowl snack in NJ. Along with five other states, New Jerseyans have searched for “buffalo chicken dip” more than any other recipe for Super Bowl LV. The results in other states varied as some were main dishes, dips or appetizers. For some people, the big game is nothing more than background noise, filling in the gaps between the funny commercials and halftime show. For these people, the featured snack of the day certainly matters. 

The Most Searched Recipe in the Tri-State Area

This fact is based on a Google Trends analysis looking at what the most searched recipes are in each state. “Buffalo chicken dip” took over the entire tri-state area. Anyone who lives here knows that New Jersey has a pretty similar culture to New York, so it’s not a surprise that they have the same results, just like they did for most popular Thanksgiving sides

Here’s a breakdown of the results for every state, color categorized by course. 

most popular super bowl snack nj

Map by Google Trends

National Results

Many states were in agreement like Florida and Michigan, who both went for the classic “chicken wings.” Others resulted in a unique choice of snacks such as North Dakota’s “stuffed pepper,” North Carolina’s “pigs in a blanket” and West Virginia’s strange pick of “grilled cheese.” 

A surprising duplicate comes from two states on opposite sides of the country with Louisiana and Washington both going for “7 layer dip” as well as Arizona and Utah. Three states, Colorado, Massachusetts and Tennessee, all simply searched for “chili” most. Texas, Wyoming and Washington D.C. were the only states apparently snacking on desserts.

What Else Is On The Menu?

Now that we know the most popular Super Bowl snack in New Jersey, we can start to think about what else locals might be enjoying this Super Bowl Sunday. Typically, football goes hand in hand with barbeque, but with most of the state getting multiple feet of snow just a few days ago, it seems unlikely many people will be grilling. However, there are still plenty of ways to cook the same food inside using an oven or stove. On a day like Super Bowl Sunday, it’s common to enjoy various appetizers or snacks clearly evident by the wide popularity of buffalo chicken dip. 

This year’s Super Bowl features a compelling matchup between possibly the two best quarterbacks of all time, but as we know there will always be those who show up to the Super Bowl party for everything besides the game. From the national anthem to the commercials and most importantly, the halftime show, fans have all the reason in the world to tune in. Especially when you consider the game day menu many people put together. 

Were you surprised by the results of the most popular Super Bowl snack in NJ? Let us know in the comments below.

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