Next Time You’re Feeling Down, Repeat These Mantras For Positive Change

by Lareina Cornista
mantras for positive change

Ever wonder why that relationship didn’t work out? Or why you failed that big exam? Well, your only obstacle might have been attitude. If your mindset is focused on negative thoughts such as “I’ll never be happy,” or “I’m destined to be alone,” you may end up attracting what you made yourself believe, for instance. When you know you deserve better, you can start to utilize mantras for positive change to attract better outcomes. 

So How Do Mantras Work?

Mantras adjust the vibrations that are tuned into your subconscious. Mantras translate to ‘a tool of the mind.’ By repeating them, the sound vibration is accessed throughout the rest of our body.  When you are stressed or anxious, your mind is wired to start overthinking based on how fast your heart is racing or how irritated you’re feeling. Remember that you cannot control a situation, but you can always control your reaction. Some affirmations to repeat when that oncoming anxiety or a wave of sadness arrives include: 

  • “I am surrounded by love and support and I accept them both” 
  • “All of my safety needs are always met” 
  • “My voice is important in the world” 
  • And my personal favorite, “I am always understood by others”

mantras for positive change

First, by repeatedly saying your mantras, they start working. Mantras work by subconsciously reprogramming your thoughts. Secondly, by reminding yourself on your good (and bad) days that you deserve and have your means of support, your brain starts to believe it. As a result of the use of mantras for positive change and happiness, you’ll recognize that you can say how you feel with ease

Will Saying Mantras Really Make Me Happier?

mantras for positive change

Moreover, you have to understand that each affirmation serves a different purpose.  Are you looking to be happier? Do you want to overcome your childhood trauma? Are you seeking healthier ways to cope with your anxiety? If you don’t want to try the mantras above, you can always use these mantras for change.

The Universe is ______ (for when you need guidance and reassurance)

  • The Universe is supporting me and always showing me where to go next

  • The Universe is giving me everything I need

I am _______ (for better managing your trauma and anxiety)

  • I am doing my best and everyone respects that

  • I am worthy of love

  • I am forgiving of myself and others 

I attract _______ (for when you need healthier relationships)

  • I attract stable and respectful relationships

  • I attract people with good intentions

  • I attract an abundance of ______

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Lex September 10, 2020 - 10:21 pm

The “I attract” and “I am” mantras are so helpful!!!

Khae C November 17, 2020 - 11:23 am

Absolutely true!!! Very nice and very helpful article 👍👍


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